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#1 Audio fetish stories

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Audio fetish stories

You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I uploaded some of my hair curler fetish audio stories to youtube. I hope you enjoy them! Wow, you really did a great job with the first couple of stories.

I would think most with this type of fetish would enjoy them. I am very curious though, who did you get to read for the audio? She did an impressive job as well That's a pretty neat way to bring a new type of format into the arena. Fantastic idea, you should be commended. I look Audio fetish stories to anything new you might happen to come up with.

I am not sure if who I contacted to narate would want their name out there, but I will ask if she is ok with me telling. If anyone else has any story ideas, I would love to hear them: Edited by ronnie member 6 years ago. I didn't mean necessarily to ask her name but rather what relation she might be to you. It sounds to me like she wouldn't be a spouse, but perhaps might be a close friend or someone with a professional talent for narrating? How does she come to know or understand your fetish?

Is the lady narrating the second story the same as the first? Her voice sounds slightly different but yet similar. Please share what you can, the whole concept is extremely fascinating! I think with all of them though you captured the essence of what many Audio fetish stories us would love to hear. I came up with a similar story line This one however I think would sound so much better if the dialogue parts could be recited by a corresponding male and female voice to give it some added realism.

If you think it sounds good then by all means feel free to use it if you wish. You've done an amazing job with the others.

I imagine they came to support you. You know how you always like to tease me when I venture out with my hair in rollers? Well how about this Saturday we do a set like that together, and then Nugget fetish online shopping for my anniversary present? We could look at all kinds of things like jewelry, purses, shoes or even makeup.

I think that might make a good start for an apology. People will be laughing and staring at me. Ha ha, she giggles shame on you! Oh and by the way These are great stories Silverbox Can we expect to get some more soon? Keep up the great work! If anyone could write up any storys you'd like read i might be able to get them recorded and uploaded: Jane Harris 5 years ago. Oh please do silverbox Silverbox, what did you think of the dialogue bit I submitted?

She did a wonderful job on your work with a special type Christina carter fetish model teasing quality throughout. I'm sure most of us would love to hear her do more. I hope you don't mind my inquisitiveness but perhaps you could share a few interesting details about her involvement. Edited by ronnie member 5 years ago. Hey all, I was hoping that with the holiday season approaching that we all might find Hot fetish movies little more time to make contributions to the group.

It is my goal in fact to dig up some new and interesting pictures to add to my profile page. Another great way to jazz things up could be through the addition of dialogue, links, ideas, stories, or previously unreleased photos. Right now I have a new link to share with everyone. The long running series, "The Nanny" featured Fran Drescher wearing curlers on a number of episodes. There are many episodes to search through. Let me know what you think. I believe that she used the older typed Caruso steam rollers.

In that particular episode however, she doesn't have them fastened with the plastic "shield" as they call it. I read that the shield can sometimes cause an undesirable kink in the hair. That appears to be a common complaint with rollers that utilize clip typed fasteners. So tell me how is the curler scene in your part of the world? Do any of the women ever wear them in public?

I find it fascinating that our curiosity tends to transcend all national boundaries.

#2 Ruber fetish stories

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Ruber fetish stories

Hardcopies are expressly forbidden without prior consent of the author. May not be published or distributed otherwise without written permission. Any similarity to actual persons, places, companies, products or institutions is unintentional and purely coincidental- honest. If the presence or absence of a particular topic is likely to offend you, stop reading. This story describes acts which may not be safe to attempt in real life. Criticism on writing technique and style are welcomed by e-mail.

Flames will be cheerfully ignored. Jason was getting frustrated. He looked around the party, noting the many couples that had formed since the masquerade Eve fetish webcam new toronto years had begun.

It looked like yet another lonely night in a year-long string of lonely nights. Things had looked promising earlier. Several attractive women had used his flashy costume as an excuse to start a conversation. But right on cue, his insecurity had caused him to stammer, to blurt meaningless and silly things, and one by one, they had disappeared into the crowd, later to be glimpsed hanging on the arm of another apparently more confident man or in some cases, woman.

It was hard to tell with some of the costumes. At least there seemed to be a lot more fetishistic men there than women. She frowned slightly then brightened. Once again, he Fetish hentai watersport to concentrate on what he would say.

She was a knockout, and she seemed nice enough, if a bit empty-headed. He just had to get it right this time. Where did you find that outrageous wig? Ten seconds later, he stood morosely wiping Champaign from his rubber pants, amazed to discover that not only had her accent been real, but the wig was not a wig, and her head was as empty as her glass was now.

She was not The Woman. He sat down at the cash bar, and thought back to his high school days, to his first and only great love. That was more than usually unfortunate, because his swim-team body and rakish good looks tended to attract quite a few potential dates and even bed-mates. The problem was that Jason Stewart was not just a jock. Not only were most of them emotionally crippled, but they dressed like bag-ladies, and their personal grooming habits would have shamed a wino. There appeared to be no girls his age that had looks as well as good taste and intelligence in the entire city.

To make matters worse, his social skills seemed somehow lacking when dealing with girls- they seemed to him almost an alien race, with quite different needs and goals than he. Due to an early divorce, Jason had grown up without a father, and somehow his mother had never graced him with any dating skills. After two years of unsuccessful attempts at conversation with empty-headed Madonnawannabes, and a few aborted dates, he overheard a conversation between his chemistry teacher and Mandy Rafool.

She was discussing the relationship between what she had learned in physics class to the current discussion of valences in chemistry. He would never have imagined! He had seen her around for quite awhile and just like every other guy in school, had been fascinated with her pretty face, the tight jeans and sweaters which she constantly wore, and her stunningly mature body.

And, like every other guy in school, he had noticed that she was conspicuously without a boyfriend. But because of her stunning good looks and the retinue of bimbettes which constantly attended her. Never the less, he had fallen hard, and he resolved to win her heart.

For the next six months, he secretly bought all the Fetisch fetish geschichte story forum the girls at school seemed to worship, and he studied. In Young Model, he read about the things every teenage girl supposedly wanted in a boyfriend.

He was in love… or lust, which was about the same to him at that age. As they talked, sitting in his car in front of her house, he discovered with delight and a certain relief that she did have a brain after all. The vast majority of the attractive girls, at least, seemed to believe that brains and education were anathema to becoming a model, which seemed to be the first and foremost desire of every one of them except Mandy. He asked her why she had no boyfriends, why she had picked him.

Her reply astonished, then warmed him. It seemed that she too, was turned off by empty-headed football jocks suffering from what she called testosterone poisoning. She seemed surprised and delighted that he was both an athlete and a straight-A student.

Then she shocked him by revealing that she had not only dated a few of those football jocks, had had sex with several, and found them to be boring, self-centered lovers. She turned out to be a rather forceful lass indeed.

She insisted on meeting him after school every day, and that he drive her home. He lived for those drives, as they talked about their passtimes and interests, the other kids at school, and all too often, about sex. She seemed quite knowledgable on that subject, and astonished him with her frank, technical descriptions of what seemed to him bizarre yet tantalizing acts.

He felt a certain amount of pride at being able to wine and dine the sexiest girl in school. It was rather a relief actually, not having to worry how to persuade her to go on a date with him. When he picked her up, he discovered that she challenged the conventions of Ruber fetish stories as well.

She opened the door within seconds, and breezed right past him toward the car. He could only stare after her in shock. The temperature of the warm June night suddenly rose several degrees. The voice at his shoulder snapped Jason back to the present. A huge woman, correction, a transvestite, in a tight red flamenco dress, was standing next to him.

I mean, no offense, but your eyes are the wrong color, if you take my meaning. The flamenco dancer pouted and flounced away. Jason sipped his scotch, closed his eyes and thought back to that first, incredible date. For their trip to the club, she wore a shiny rubber miniskirt in an outrageous shade of hot pink that fit her as if spray-painted on.

She wore no blouse under the jacket, and if she wore a bra, it must have been quite low-cut, as her burgeoning cleavage was plainly displayed in the neckline.

His first reaction was that she looked like one of the hookers on Main Street, or a heroine from a B-grade movie, although unarguably sexy!

She even sounds like a B-grade movie, he thought. He convinced his eyes to stop devouring her body for a moment, to meet her gaze. At school, you never wear anything more provocative than a tight sweater…do you dress this way every time you go out?

I dress the way I dress at school in order to identify with those little idiots who follow me around like puppy dogs. I give them something to look up to, they give me a certain cachet of respectability, helping me to get on the cheerleading team, the school newspaper, the yearbook staff, student council, and so on.

That stuff looks great to college scouts, after they finish tallying your test scores, of Brazilian fetish ice cream. And fourth, are we going to dinner, or not? During the meal, while his head was reeling from her fantastically clothed figure, her slightly musky cologne, and two glasses of wine, she whispered to him in no uncertain terms what she expected of him later.

Jason was in pubescent heaven. By the time dessert had arrived, she had removed a shoe, and was massaging his uncomfortable bulge with her toes, the concealing tablecloth keeping their secret.

When she put her shoe back on and began squeezing his crotch between both heels, he thought he would explode. The whole time, Mandy kept up a stream of innocuous conversation that for Jason, became increasingly difficult to follow.

When they got to the car, she leaned back against the hood, inviting him into her arms. For a few seconds, Jason hugged her gently, as if afraid she would break.

He kissed her hesitantly, just before they both threw decorum to the wind, each grabbing the other fiercely, smothering each other with their mouths, their tongues. Jason squeezed her ass and pulled her tightly to him, marvelling at the unusual feeling of the smooth, pliant latex covering her muscular cheeks. Mandy responded by pushing her hand down his pants. He drew his head back, looked her in the eyes.

Mandy had him drive to Ebony fetish cams foot lesbian outskirts of town to an abandoned farmhouse she knew about from some previous amorous adventure. The entire way, she was melted against him, rubbing his skin with her hands, and distracting him from driving in general.

Soon she had opened his fly, and had scooped everything out. Jason tried to think of something to say, but was overcome by the unique sensation of someone else handling his cock, softly squeezing his balls. He tried to concentrate on the road, but when she pulled him into her mouth, he almost drove off the road for the second time that week.

Again she bent to her task. Every time he felt ready to come off, she either slowed down or stopped altogether, moving her attention and tongue to his balls, or neck, or earlobes.

Only once did she come up for air, to give directions. In seconds, Mandy had him down on the blanket on his back, her legs astride his hips, and her hands pressing his shoulders into the soft earth. You just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you feel like doing something, say so, or just do what comes naturally.

She squirmed backwards enough to get at his belt and stood suddenly, unceremoniously yanking off his pants. She ran her hands over the thin shiny patent leather covering her breasts, turned to face his feet, giving him an excellent view as she carressed her latex-covered derrier. So saying, she knelt astride his chest, pinning his upper arms under her shins, and squatting directly over his face. Chapter 2 of Jason had actually dreaded this moment. Although a virgin, he was by no means ignorant- through his reading and by the coarse jokes and bragging told in the swimming team locker room, he had surmised that cunnilingus was a distasteful and unpleasant experience.

#3 Gasmask scuba fetish

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Gasmask scuba fetish

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#4 Fetish for mens feet

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Fetish for mens feet

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#5 About me and my fetishes

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About me and my fetishes

Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. The stereotype goes that when it comes to sex, men are as simple-minded as dogs. Male desire ranges from the merely kinky to the incredibly bizarre, and men are often so tortured by it that they're not comfortable talking to anyone about it -- not their closest friends, and certainly not their wives.

Before becoming a professional phone sex operator and in-person ball crusher, I knew that men thought about sex a lot -- but I didn't realize just how deep and creative their fantasies could be.

Inside every pervert beats the heart of a Tolstoy. Phone sex isn't cheap, at least good phone sex isn't, and in-person dom sessions can at the high end cost as much as a used car. So the vast majority of my clientele are upper-middle-class guys in their 40s to 60s -- I have a slew of doctors, lawyers, professors, business executives, and even a minister or two, all of whom have elaborate fantasy worlds they seem to use as a kind of relief valve to alleviate some of the stress of their high-power positions.

I'm just the Sherpa that guides them through their kink. For instance, one thing that hit me about this job is the insane amount of men who fantasize about being feminized and humiliated, or forced to cross dress.

Men cross-dress for a ton of different reasons, but the most surprising thing is just how incredibly common it is. In my daily life, I find myself looking at guys' asses to check for panty lines. And I find them, constantly. I'd also say about 75 percent of my callers have homosexual-type fantasies, a lot of whom hate that they have them.

I had a caller the other day get freaked out that he was getting so turned on by the thought of getting down on his knees and sucking his girlfriend's fantasy cock. He hung up, then called back to apologize. I had to tell him that fantasizing about a dick in your mouth doesn't necessarily make you gay "Honey, calm down. Most cultures consider the phallus a symbol of power. You may just get really turned on about submitting to your girlfriend".

If that makes it sound like what I do is more a form of therapy than a sexual outlet, well, it's both. But we'll come back to that in a moment When you think of phone sex, you probably imagine a woman's breathy voice saying that she's lying on her bed, wearing her favorite black lace lingerie, and that you sound so hot she just has to touch herself. After that, you get a soundtrack to your wank session composed of moaning and her telling you what a stud you are.

In real life, not so much. I start scratching you behind your ear Like the shrinking fetishists. That's a really common phone fantasy -- they like me to describe them shrinking down to about an inch in height, give or take, then picking them up, dropping them in the toilet, and flushing them away.

Then there's the vore guys as in "carnivore" -- guys who fantasize about being eaten. I have one who likes me to describe how I will truss him up, put him in a big roasting pan complete with chopped-up carrots, potatoes, celery, and onions , sprinkle him with salt and pepper he always manages to sneeze for me when we get to that part , baste him in butter "Ohhh it's sooo slippery isn't it, having that butter drip all over your body Sometimes I get to play a more traditional sex icon, like with the guy who likes me to be dressed as a Playboy bunny And it's my job to walk him through it, in extreme detail.

I want you to feel the tips of your fingers getting longer, your legs merge together, an orange tinge comes to your skin, your hair gets leafy. Then there are the looners as in "balloon fetishists," not "lunatics".

They like to hear balloons being blown up and popped. That's it -- I have taken calls on my cellphone while walking into a store, buying a pack of balloons, sitting in my car blowing them up, then popping them. And then there's the yak guy. He just wants me to carry on our conversation in the language of the yak people. We talk about the weather, sports, news, music, and movies all in a made-up yak language. It's hard to find somebody who'll play along with something like that, without judging, or getting weirded out.

That's why I have a job. Some of these fetishes I understand, some I don't -- I understand how the endorphin rush of pain might turn someone on it doesn't do anything for me, personally. Ditto the guys who like the hardcore degradation -- physical and emotional pain is felt by the same part of the brain.

But the truth is, whether they use the word "paraphilia," "fetish," or "interest," scientists are only just starting to catalog the vast, weird moist panoply of desire. The actual work itself -- whether on the phone or in person -- is actually the easiest part of this job.

Marketing is where things get tough, because it involves maintaining a number of concurrent illusions. My clients can choose from six "characters," and each of these girls has her own life. Each of my characters has a blog and a twitter, and I update both several times a week. So-and-so isn't available to talk Monday through Friday until after 5 pm, because she is a high school biology teacher, and so-and-so isn't available on Friday night because she is a year-old party girl.

Then I'll go to different fetish message boards, Yahoo groups, and chat rooms and participate in those communities with a link back to my blog or profile. So while the nice thing about this job is being my own boss, the hard thing about it is also being my own employees. When you're on social media, you're acting at the same time as you're advertising your services and performing market research to figure out which fetish stocks are more erect right now.

It's not an easy job, but it does have some serious perks. I love football go Steelers! This has turned into a pretty lucrative business opportunity over the years. I'll talk with clients ahead of time and tailor a bunch of rules to their kink. Some guys like orgasm control, so every touchdown they'll have something new to do without, uh, finishing.

One toy I use is this device called the "humbler," which stretches a client's balls back for easy swatting. I've done paid in-person sessions during football games where I'd use that on the client every time there was a fumble or a turnover.

IdreamofJeanie I've included this picture of a humbler because it's the only one that doesn't actively show balls. Many people think that being a dominatrix means being a high-end prostitute. I mean no offense to prostitutes, but that is not my job. I've never ever had sex with any of my clients, and I never ever would. That's not what it's about, and in fact that would actually ruin our whole dynamic, if they were to see me in a vulnerable, naked state. There's a reason why you picture black leather or latex catsuits when you think of a dominatrix.

Contact between in-person clients and myself would, at most, mean letting them be a human footstool or getting a well-placed slap across their little bitch faces. Once again, for many guys, it's not about the sex act -- it's something much more complicated. A need they can't get filled anywhere else. Now, there are guys who do want to cross that line -- some have trouble seeing the difference between me, the real person, and the character they're paying to stick clothespins on their cock.

That's one reason I've actually phased out most of my in-person domming sessions in favor of phone sessions, because hey, I get to work in my PJs.

It's good money, and none of it requires showing off any more skin than the average nun. Think about that -- all that time, and all that money, working through men's sexual fantasies, and there's never any actual nudity or actual sex. I'm just helping people act on the sexual fantasies in their mind, involving fetishes so specific and peculiar they'd never naturally come across another person who shares them.

Which again brings us around to the real reason I stay so busy You'd be surprised how much time I spend talking to my clients. Well, obviously, but I mean talking. You know the kind of talking the stereotypical girlfriends of the world always want. Emotional support is a much bigger aspect of the job than you'd expect. Not only do I have to get the guys off, I have to then assure them afterward that they aren't weird.

That's why I work really hard on trying to understand the fetishes my clients have. For balloon popping, it's the anticipation; for the shrinking guys, it's the loss of power; for the yak guy Psychotherapists are starting to recognize the value sex work can play in therapy, though.

Australia's currently gripped in a debate over whether or not their national disability insurance should cover " sex surrogates " if you're interested, there's a documentary called Scarlet Road you should watch. I've had guys who were coming out to their family who came to me first for support, to get pumped up. I've had a guy stop in the middle of a call and start crying, because he missed his ex-wife and needed to talk about it. I've given relationship advice -- hell I have even checked out guys' online dating profiles so I could give them pointers from a woman's perspective.

I actually had one client who was into extreme humiliation -- he was black, and racial degradation was his particular turn-on. I got so hard on him during one session that he broke down and started crying. I wound up learning that he'd grown up in a very strict household, where men weren't allowed to show emotion.

Our session was the first time he'd ever broken down and cried about all of the horrible stuff he'd encountered as a kid. Getting that emotional release helped him deal with some demons. Always on the go but can't get enough of Cracked?

We have an Android app and iOS reader for you to pick from so you never miss another article. We wrote an article with an actual real-life prostitute to make that feeling better, uh, informed. If you'd like to get pissed off, take a look inside the Troubled Teen industry. And if you've got a story to share with Cracked, you can tell it here. Don't make me do this again. Don't have an account? Please enter a Username. I agree to the Terms of Service.

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Every song has an origin story. Normally, labels or publishers put together writing camps, but this was something we organized ourselves.

From there I took the song to The Futuristics, who I had recently met. He was amazing about keeping me in the loop with everything, and I trusted him completely.

Once Selena got the song, she tweaked some things and made it hers. It was a really fun process to watch. What do the song's lyrics mean? And what is your favorite lyrical contribution? The word already felt appropriately edgy, so we wanted to make sure it was executed in the best possible way.

What are your thoughts on how Selena has presented the lyrics visually through promo art and the official audio video? How long did it take to complete the song? The timeline from writing the song to release was about 15 months. Will you be doing more songs for Selena, potentially for her much-anticipated third studio album? Did that play a role in you wanting to work with her? My desire to want to write for Selena stemmed mainly from how incredible the songs were on her last album Revival.

Why is it important for queer songwriters to work queer artists? Troye and I, both being gay, means we have shared so many of the same experiences growing up and are able to translate them into lyrics we both connect with. What are some of your favorite songs you've written that you think deserve more recognition? Both are amazing artists who should be superstars. How did you initially get into music and songwriting?

I got into songwriting when I went to Belmont University in Nashville. Each person in my group of friends sang a different genre of music, and needed songs to perform. I took it upon myself to write or co-write those songs. It was my first taste of having other artists cut my songs, and I got a huge rush when I heard them performed for the first time. You'll be turning your songwriting success into your own solo career, similar to what Julia Michaels and Emily Warren have recently done.

Is the songwriter-turned-solo-artist a new trend? Or are people just noticing it more? When is your next solo song coming out and what is it about?

It wrote itself in about 45 minutes, and most of that time was spent making sure the melody was right. I wrote the majority of the song with Jordan Palmer, who produced it, then brought it to Allie X to finish, because we basically work on everything together.

Who have been some high-profile people or celebs who have shared your songs on social media? And how did you react to them? What else are you working on? The film will be out next year. I couldn't happier with how fans have reacted to the song. Selena is an amazing artist and person, which makes this experience even better. Patrick Churvis and Stevie Hannigan.

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