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#1 Balloon fetish magazines

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Balloon fetish magazines

Fetishes are nothing new, of course, with mentions of Zoophilia … uh, um…animal love, readily apparent in the Bible, evidenced in Leviticus It consists of sexual arousal through the manipulation of balloons. Nothing especially complicated there. All white fetish gay porn, but what beautiful balloons they are!

There is a lot of talk among the experts about why people become aroused by balloons, or girls with balloons, or girls smoking a cigarette in a room full of balloons, but nobody seems to have reached any consensus on this.

Therapists and psychologists always seem to trace the origins of fetishes back to some traumatic childhood experience, but none of them ever consider that a fetish might Balloon fetish magazines be something that makes someone happy. So what if you enjoy looking at women just standing there not moving with their hands on their hips, otherwise known as Partialismor that you truly derive pleasure from, literally, hugging a tree, or Dendrophilia. And meanwhile I'll go scrub the search history off my computer to avoid a pesky warrantless wiretap.

Do You Have One? Anthony Galli currently lives in Athens, Georgia. He shares a birthday with his black cat, Magic, and they both claim Wings of Desire as their favorite film. Anthony has published two books of poetry, Amnesia for Insomniacs and Fetish latex bodywear Idiot. Art All Shows Magazine About. Up, Up and Away: Collection balloons erotica fetish wierdness youtube. Like, really enjoying it. That's Hot 15 Strangest Sex Fetishes: The Future Was Awesome: Bertone Cars by Thomas Michalski.

The Swedish Art Director that Could. The Strange Magick of Coffin Joe. Sons of the South Bay. The Immortal Art of Leigh Bowery. Hungarian Folktale and Psychedelic Trip. Maybe Technology Ain't So Bad: Nam June Paik's Allstar Video.

Psychedelic Subversion of the Image: See the World in a New Way: Deconstructing the Destruction in Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.

#2 Zunni fetish necklaces

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Zunni fetish necklaces

This necklace was given to me by my mother, who received it from her sister, who did a lot of trading with the Native American pueblos in New Mexico. I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My parents moved there from Michigan in They just traded with the Indians a lot. Well, they must have had a lot of fun doing it-- I can sense they did. An ancient Pueblo, occupied for well over 1, years.

One of the things I think that's so interesting about this necklace, the fetishes are actually inspired by ancient fetishes that are pre-contact, maybe as much as 1, years old. There was a trader in the Southwest named C. Wallace, and he encouraged silversmiths and arts and crafts workers amongst the Native tribes to do innovative things, and this was very innovative.

We have an eagle fetish, a frog fetish, a bear, many birds, another bear. It's really quite a remarkable grouping of animals. And these are all animals of the natural world that would be in the Zuni world. The materials are wonderful, and there's quite a few of them. There's spondylus shell, different types of shell, jet, turquoise, coral. It's really a remarkable set of materials. The spondylus shell, which is hand-carved, has two colors. It has the metallic sort of shiny shell color underneath, and then when it's carved, there's the red color.

So it's really intentionally worked for the variety of color here. You'll notice many of the eyes are black.

That has jet in them. The little frog is antler, deer antler. The little beads are called heishe. Those are shell beads. I think this was made by one of the most famous jewelers of the Southwest. A gentleman named Leekya Deyuse. He was born indied I believe in the s. He is the preeminent Zuni fetish carver. He worked with hand tools, he used chisels, sandpaper, Zunni fetish necklaces things to work the shell down into a beautiful depiction.

If it's not made by Leekya Deyuse, it would have, I think, been made by his daughter Alice. And in either case, it's quite special. And she followed in Long free fetish moovies father's footsteps. You've kept it in good shape. You want to continue to keep it in good shape.

The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question "What's it worth? Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded.

This information appears in the upper left corner of the page, with the label "Appraised On. Most of our experts will give appraisal values in context. For example, you'll often hear them say what an item is worth "at auction," or "retail," or "for insurance purposes" replacement value.

Retail prices are different from wholesale prices. Often an auctioneer will talk about what she knows best: A shop owner will usually talk about what he knows best: And though there are no hard and fast rules, an object's auction price can often be half its retail value; yet for other objects, an auction price could be higher than retail.

An appraisal usually involves an extensive amount of research to establish authenticity, provenance, composition, method of construction, and other important attributes of a particular object. As with all appraisals, Xxx pantyhose fetish right verbal approximations of value given at ROADSHOW events are Sock fetish cams lesbian experts' opinions formed from their knowledge of antiques and collectibles, market trends, and other factors.

Although our valuations are based on research and experience, opinions can, and sometimes do, vary among experts. Finally, the affiliation of the appraiser may have changed since the appraisal was recorded. Do you have any sense of what pueblo this is from? I'm afraid I don't. It's from the Zuni, Zuni Pueblo.

It's called a fetish necklace, and there are many fetishes here. I thought it was. And that's the little connections between all of the fetishes. I've tried to take very good care of it. Spokane, Hour 1 Spokane, WA June 06, Civilizations Explore the connections between art and culture. The Hedy Lamarr Story Meet the ingenious inventor behind this pretty face.

#3 Freaky sex fetishes

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Freaky sex fetishes

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are those who find pleasure in watching others have sex or exposing themselves in public. Watching pornographic movies is considered an act of voyeurism, by the way. Swinging and Group-Sex refers to married couples or those in a committed relationship participating in sex with another couple or individual.

Sometimes the couples switch partners altogether. Role-playing is when you act out different scenarios sexually by dressing up in different costumes and using props in order to portray a fantasy.

They even speak gibberish , use pacifiers, wear diapers, and drink from bottles. Emetophilia is when someone is aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit. Furries are people who dress up in animal costumes and take on their behavior. Objectum Sexuality is a fetish in which people fall in love with an inanimate object such as amusement park rides, national landmarks, stairway banisters, etc. This fetish is very common among women. Erotic Asphyxiation is used to increase the intensity of an orgasm by intentionally choking or using other methods to restrict oxygen to the brain.

The loss of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide apparently causes a euphoric state of pleaure, but of course, can be dangerous. Which fetish is your guilty pleasure? I actively participate in 6 outta 4 of these fetishes lol… guess I live on the wild side of life.

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#4 Gothic fetish wear

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Gothic fetish wear

Masks, Ties, Canes, Watches etc. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.

All images are supplied by the wholeseller and used by permission. Fetish Clothing, Fetish Clothing. Displaying 1 to of products. Black with Red Ribbon Wetlook Catsuit. Me Seduce Vanda Strappy Knickers. Dementria Gothic Apocalypse Corset Top.

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#5 Arched female throat fetish

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Arched female throat fetish

Im long time dreamed to find a lot of males to destroy and here it is- secret camp full with criminals! Lady Kara — Look at me! Come to me and jump on the table. Now your Goddess wants to play with her body. You can only worship my feet and watch when my hands move around my panties. Open your mouth and start to suck my feet in pantyhose! It feel so good! I wanna feel all foot in your throat! I scream so loudly. Do hear that slave… your Lady have an orgasm in front of your eyes.

You give me a great orgasm. In rewald you will clean that filthy pantyhose. Gothic in her look; a firecracker on the mat: Karina Gotika is tough competition once she steps on the mat. She will leave you as well as her opponent breathless. She uses her long legs to choke her opponent in a headscissors, bends his arm at awkward angles, stretches him and uses her feet to pin his throat to the mat.

Steve thought he could control Karina yet when she let loose on him, he stood no chance. Come take a whiff of this Blonde Muscle Beauty full of attitude and brawn. When she strikes a biceps pose, it every sense in your body. Muscle Beauty loves to dominate men n force them to worship her awesome muscles!

Get a glimpse of that muscle clitty in this video n watch her muscle seduction in action. If you follow the Muscle Fox series you are gonna love her here in this domination abuse video. Muscle Fox is returning from the gym to her masseur in wait. And how she is much more superior to him and men in general. Watch her headlock him between her huge, massive thighs, then throw him to the ground and jump on top of him, then tear his shirt off if him and continue to abuse him.

She performs various lifts and carries demonstrating her strength and power. Then its to the floor in domination and wrestling power with holds that he cannot possibly break. Watch how big her muscles get as she gets into action here!! Foxxy Muscle is getting a much deserved body massage after hav ing dominated and wrestled with her Masseur.

He worships her muscular physique as he massages it, kissing her biceps, then arm wrestling with her and finally she gives him a big, strong bear hug. All shot in HD. Looks like we are going to need a new slave really soon, They break so easily lol. We have a serious issue when it comes to birth rates and Im just one girl trying to solve overpopulation, one nut sack at a time!

No one but me knows about these little kinks. Knowing his little kinks makes it so easy to seduce him into another one of our session. After a long day of Executing we come back to my place, He wants to Try some smother which we do very little of, Then I move on to my famous leg scissorholds.

He starts to Tap out which I ignore, He struggles to set him self free but this further exhaust him instead. Another fun little audition boy to break in. The audition is based on a number scale. He obviously before i hit 10!. I seriously should come with a warning label lol. Janira has arranged to meet up with a guy from Tinder. He rings the doorbell and immediately after they greet each other, the Tinder guy starts to tell Janira how fuckable she looks.

Wolfe goes along with it, and tells the guy how she really likes to do it on the floor, leading him over to her living room. Janira removes her dress, tantalizing the man with her perfect body as she instructs him to get naked and lures him to the floor. Then she climbs off and the scissor domination begins. The first squeeze rendered the Tinder guy too weak to move, so Janira drags him around, applying hard, strong, neck and head scissors in various positions.

When the man can barely stay awake anymore, Janira delivers some nice hard chops with her muscular thighs right down on his neck, taking his breath away with each chop. At this point, the Tinder guy gets up to try to leave, but Janira drags him right back down to the floor and climbs back over him for the final reverse neck scissor that puts him out for good. Looks like we are going to need a new slave really soon, They break so easily lol We have a serious issue when it comes to birth rates and Im just one girl trying to solve overpopulation, one nut sack at a time!

Starring Mistress Janira Janira has arranged to meet up with a guy from Tinder. You may also enjoy:

Balloon fetish magazines

50 Sex Facts You Never Knew (Promise)

A Pop Kink List of all editions. Here was a classic fetish that as far as I knew no researcher had ever documented. For a moment I suspected that I was the victim of an elaborate hoax.

The world-weird-web is filled with pranksters who try to out-freak everyone else with their newly invented perversion. Balloons seem too cute and too prosaic, not glamorous or mythic enough to be the focus of erotic ritual. The whole thing is happy and friendly and lacking the usual slick gothic quality of most fetish material. When I did, I struck the mother lode of kink.

Most never wish to stray from the ideal balloon they remember from their childhood, and they can get quite snobbish about the aesthetic failures of those Mylar and vinyl things that have started showing up in party stores. Looners like to rub up against balloons, jerk off while inflating them, or fuck them in various rather ingenious ways.

They love to share balloon porno, downloading JPEGs of models sitting on, blowing up or popping balloons with various implements like high heels or cigarettes.

Looners share childhood stories about how they discovered their fetish, and speculate about why they developed the way they did. Older looners offer sage advice on how to come out to friends and lovers, and how to bring balloon sex into relationships with non-looner partners.

Is this sexual harassment or not? The most emotionally heated arguments of all, however, happen over the issue of popping. Some looners feel extremely protective of their beloved fetish, and would be devastated if it were destroyed. It makes sense that the balloon fetish is such a new thing; after all, rubber latex toy balloons were not even invented until the s, and have only been a routine part of the American suburban home since the s.

And although there exist looners as old as 70 years of age, most balloon fetishists are in their twenties and thirties. Balloon Buddies was the very first looner organization, founded in as a snail-mail correspondence list by a man named Buster Bill.

Buster is not his real name. Other punny pseudonyms include Kaboom, Puffin, and O. Max — as in the maximum inflation of a round object. Buster gathered together the first Buddies by taking out ads in straight and gay male fetish magazines. Membership swelled slowly over the years, but the balloon fetish really exploded when Buster put it all online in In the past five years alone, Balloon Buddies has expanded to over 2, members, including a handful of women. A separate gay male list called The Buddymen started up in ; it now has over 1, members.

In the summer of , the female balloon fetishists founded their own group. Balloonatics now have a choice of at least websites, chatrooms, IRCs and newsgroups, including 25 pay sites selling videos and hot live one-on-one balloon action geared to the particular interests of a looner audience.

The online balloon fetish community continues to expand at an extraordinary rate. And there are probably tens of thousands of balloonatics worldwide who are still wandering in the desert.

His list bans people under 18 from participating, but it is quite likely that there are plenty of lonely adolescent balloonatics out there as well. And for every looner who has the temerity to seek out his fellows, there must be dozens who are too ashamed or horrified by their desires to make first contact. One of the first things looners discover when they join the Buddies is that they are part of an extraordinarily diverse group of people.

Looners are as complex and varied a crowd as any random bunch of heterosexuals or homosexuals. I met a sheep farmer, a professional architect, a corporate lawyer, several artists, a talk-show host and a college professor. There are African-American looners as well as European-American ones.

I know of at least one deaf looner, and at least one who is wheelchair-bound. I also met many looners, both straight and gay, who are in long-term relationships with non-looners. And, although male members currently outnumber females about 30 to 1, Buster Bill finds that the Internet has made women far more comfortable about opening up and talking about their desires.

Part of the answer lies in the very material they are made of — latex. Most classic fetishes — the most popular being shoes or feet, leather and underwear — have a distinctive odor or tactile quality that evokes strong emotional and psychological responses.

They tend to recall body odors and the tactile experiences of affection and hugging that we had as infants. Looners find the smell of balloons to be one of their most powerful sexual triggers.

Jeff, a year-old gay male looner, mailed me an extraordinary 3,word essay on the sensual joys of balloons. He devoted five hundred words alone to the various odors and flavors of latex. A true balloon gourmet who enjoys combing through his collection of thousands of different balloons, Jeff effused about the wide world of excitement available to the true latex connoisseur: Some are oily and sweet, others bitter, sharp, or musty.

Balloons are usually treated on the inside with a drying, mildly antiseptic talc. Every looner I spoke with mentions some treasured early balloon memory that they return to over and over, and the smell of the balloon brings it back into sharp focus.

Doug is a year-old looner who remembers balloons as beloved friends: Not necessarily sexually, but loving them truly from my heart. Balloonatics overwhelmingly dismiss the idea that these early experiences are the cause of their balloon fetishism, however.

They recognize how illogical that idea is. After all, almost all of us non-looners and looners alike had a balloon when we were children. I suppose some of us even masturbated with balloons. After all, I remember jerking off with the leg of my teddy bear during my formative years — but I never turned into a teddy bear foot fetishist. Childhood events may not be complete explanations for later practices, but they are powerful psychic memories that can be accessed to bring emotional life to a particular adult experience.

Balloons are successful fetish objects not only because of their rubber latex material, but also because their shape has the capacity to call up powerful images. The fetish object is, before anything else, an aesthetic object. Like an abstract painting, it works only if it is able to hold many meanings at once and mean different things at different times. And, depending on how looners use them in masturbation sessions or with lovers, balloons can be nurturing like breasts, empowering or threatening like engorged penises, or even receptive and containing like anuses, vaginas, or wombs.

A balloon can be a whole body as well — a fragile reminder of our mortal selves. The one human body part that balloons most obviously suggest, with their pear shape and nozzle, is the female breast. Doug, who slept with balloons as a child, now uses them as breasts in his regular masturbatory routine. The balloons are part of a subtle cross-dressing ritual, as well as a way of creating a female sexual partner he does not have.

Doug has an almost anthropomorphic identification with balloons. The balloon is a lover or a friend. Some guys literally fuck balloons. One young straight looner likes to wrap long thin clown-type balloons around his cock and use the hole like a pussy. Walt Disney must be spinning in his grave. Buster Steve, a year-old married gay architect, uses the nozzle as an orifice.

The idea is that the fetish is some sort of magical talisman protecting them against the loss of their precious penis. Women DO have fetishes. So, some fetishes must relate to experiences shared by both girls and boys. During weaning, the child could experience some of the same fear of loss associated with castration anxiety. Balloons are extraordinarily powerful metaphors for looners, and games and rituals involving the balloons have the status of profound narratives.

The balloon works as a fetish not only because it suggests all sorts of body odors and parts, but also because it can perform the allegorical drama of growth, tension and explosion. Children enjoy blowing up balloons because they magically illustrate the idea of growth — and kids just love seeing things get bigger and bigger and bigger. Small children are almost obsessed with size differences in a world where everyone but themselves seems gigantic; kids often feel small and impotent compared to adults.

Growth is inherently exciting because it implies the mysteries of power and fecundity. This might also explain why most looners feel that, in terms of balloon size, bigger is always better. Playing with larger balloons makes adult looners feel proportionally smaller — it reminds them of how balloons looked so huge and awesome when they were children.

I set it up so that in order to determine the next question or challenge in the quiz, she had to sit on a large helium balloon with a number inside and pop it. Of the sixteen balloons I prepared, she sat on and popped twelve. Carrie explains that for looners, playing with balloons is a sex act. I think the looners doth protest too much, and that somewhere inside the anxiety is a relatively underdeveloped sense of sexual pride.

As an adolescent, Dan was horrified by his desires, and lived on an emotional roller coaster of guilt and compulsion. Most importantly, the Internet put him in touch with the BDSM community; he read Different Loving, and now thinks the motives behind his fantasy are very similar to those behind other kinds of BDSM role-play.

Congress is considering a bill to make latex balloons for children illegal. Apparently, a shocking number of infants die every year from accidentally swallowing and choking on uninflated latex balloons.

Needless to say, the looner community is quite upset at the idea that their fetish object may actually be banned from the shelves, and some are stockpiling reserves just in case that happens. This is a shortened version of a text from Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex by Katharine Gates www. Comments There are currently no comments. Her works address personal and social issues, both the private and the political. The stylistic device of personification is central to the social criticism emblematic of her work and to the negotiation of concepts used to construct norms.

Notes on Accelerationism Why political intellectuals, do you incline towards the proletariat? In commiseration for what? List of all editions.

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