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#1 Balloon fetish web site

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Balloon fetish web site

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Pee fetish piss

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High hill fetish

Ask Your Question today. Hi all, for at least the last 5 years I've been aware that I have a fetish for certain kinds of boots and high heeled shoes. I've read around a bit, and most people develope something like this as a result of a footfetish, which I really do not have.

I can't explain why I find certain heels or the shoes themselves, should I say sexually arousing. Now, high heels were created to look sexy and aluring as my girlfriend keeps reminding me, but I really don't think they were intended to work better than porn if I can look at a pair, or a picture of some and have a good tug over them. It's not normal, is it?

Even if that is, I'm really picky about it too! Wedges I out-right don't find attractive, nor do I find big blocky heeled shoes. If I saw the same pair, but the heel narrowed down even if only a little as it when down, I'd probably find it attractive. As for shoes, I appreciate strappy stillettos etc as formal ware, but I don't find shoes attractive unless they're closed around the sides of the foot, or if the front of the shoe isn't either rounded, or pointed slightly box-like tips don't do it for me.

The worst thing is, is I don't know what I like about this fetish other than the sight of them turns me on, and I can wank just looking at them. I don't get off on licking them, I don't get off on wearing them, I might get off on being trampled don't know, never tried , and I kinda get off on the smell of leather shoes. When I tried to explain this to a close friend in high school, 5 years ago, he told my other friends who just took the piss oudda me so much so that it became intense bullying - I never spoke to them since the day we left.

I think having a high heel fetish is common. There is a reason that exotic dancers and supermodels wear the highest heels they possibly can. The only thing that surprised me here is that many of the comments mention liking really high heels or flats. I have a high heel fetish, but also really like flats, and I thought I was alone in that. I could watch a girl walk around in flats or high heels with a 4" or higher heel all day. For me, I do not have a foot fetish to go along with my heel fetish.

The heels are what makes the woman's feet look nice, but I don't like seeing women's feet without shoes on them. For this reason I really only like close-toed heels. If I can see the toes, I am reminded of the feet inside the shoes, and they are not as attractive. A great place to see women in high heels is every night on Jay Leno. The current trend is 5 or 6 inch heels with a platform. They are similar to Steven Madden's Caryssa pump. Here are some examples of how strong this fetish is for me.

I was with my gf shoe shopping one time early on in our relationship when she pulled a really nice pair of flats off the rack and showed them to me without putting them on or anything, and I felt myself get aroused immediately. I made sure she bought them, and she wore them for the rest of the night, including after we got home and through all of our remaining activities that evening, until we finally went to bed.

Another time I saw a woman in the checkout line of a store wearing a very unique pair of 5" heels, and I followed her out of the store just to watch her walk in them. As we got into the parking lot I had to know more about the shoes, so I caught up with her, apologized for how strange my question was going to sound, and then asked where she had gotten her shoes. I said that I thought my gf would love a pair just like them which was true, because my gf knows I like heels.

She seemed surprised and flattered that I had noticed, and told me that she'd gotten them on sale at Macy's.

I found them online that night, called the store to see if they could hold a pair of the right size for me, and the next day my gf was a proud owner of that exact pair of heels! Now, we're not up to pairs of shoes like the girl who commented above who I'd like to meet by the way, just so I could see her try them all on!

If you treat your gf right when she wears your favorite shoes for you wherever she may wear them , then she will be happy to do so again and again. So, bottom line, you're not alone, and this is something that you can have a lot of fun with! My boyfriend is exactly the same, sometimes worry that I'm not needed in the shoes though!

I'm sure he must buy me a pair a month, must have pairs in the attic. He sometimes asks me to sleep in them too and don't think we've ever had sex barefoot, but at least he doesn't wear them himself, that is, I've never seen any size 11 stillettos lying around lol!

I agree with your comments about the distinction between a high heel fetish and a foot fetish. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't understand this and will think that a guy with a heel fetish is a foot fetishist. Too bad, because a lot of heel fetishists like myself, and apparently yourself, don't like feet, or even dislike them. I think that we would agree that women should wear closed toe shoes and that they should keep their foot in their shoes.

It's the candid nature of just watching a woman walk in very high stiletto heels which I appreciate. It's not just the shoe or the foot; it's when they BOTH come together in harmony. On top of closed toe pumps, I also like it when the shoes are tight on the woman's foot, so that you can appreciate her arch or the side of her foot.

It is also nice if her instep curves in towards the vamp. Or if she walks in the shoe a bit unusually, perhaps too slow or too fast, or even appears to have some difficulty walking in the shoe.

I really like to take in the details as you see. Closed at the toe, closed at the back with a low cut around the sides and vamp can make for a good combination with a tall, thin heel.

Sometimes, a pointed toe can be better than a rounded toe at the vamp as well. I don't even mind taking the color and material of the shoe into consideration though that is not usually as important as the style of the shoe and the heel itself. Unlike you, I am no so much into flats and platforms, but I think very high stiletto heels on pumps are generally good. I have the exact same thing as you man. I see a woman and i instantly look down at her shoes. I like wearing High heels and flats it really turns me on.

Call me whatever but i really enjoy it. I just wish i had a girlfriend to share it with. Or someone for that matter. I can relate to this a lot, right down to the type of shoe I like. I have also heard that it's the most common type of fetish. If I'm looking at a picture, I'm not interested if the woman isn't wearing nice shoes. We have like the same mind man! I'm not interested in a chick unles they have High heels on or Flats. I think it's normal. I love the sight of high heels. I love my wife wearing them when we have sex.

This high heel fetish I think goes along with the foot fetish but this is not unusual. I personally like the platform thigh highs and the spiked heels, especially if the woman is wearing beautiful hosiery. I think they are very sexy: This thread has a great set of comments. As a shoe fetishist myself I just adore women in great designer shoes, and yes, I can do them and do their shoes and love every minute with joy and pleasure and I got over the guilt years ago.

I searched, thread shoe fetish boot fetish, together and found a lot of great data, stories, and comments on shoe fetish topics. There are a lot of people with this fetish and finding this research put together helped me to better understand and appreciate my own fetish. The link too this site is www. Shoesession has other forms of this fetish in large amounts if you like wet shoes and the comments. Both are great extensive sites on shoe fetish.

I have had a high-heel fetish for over 50 years. For years stilettoes were my favourite. Now stilettoes with a platform are my favourite. The higher the better.

There is something about the look of a very high stilettoe heel that does it for me. I love watching girls who enjoy the challenge of controlling and walking in sky-high heels especially if they are having difficulty doing so. So sky-high heels on steep hills, cobble stones or sheet ice are of particular interest. I do not like to see a failure. Falling off heels is not good to see, but if it happens, I am the first to offer help.

My wife is a tomboy and will not wear heels of any description, not even for me. My ambition is to be the strong arm of support to a lady who is attempting to walk on heels that are really a little too tall for her to safely manage.

That would be a huge turn-on for me. Also the sound that steel tipped stilettoes make on concrete paths sends me wild. Also find it really hard to control my self because i want to use my parents credit card to buy myself a sexy pair of high heels.

How ever i dont know how to break the news to my parents that i have a shoe fetish and i like wearing heels if you can help me please post a comment that will help me. At SEX my "junior" usually don't stand if the girl does not wear high heels.. I don't think it's weird at all. High heel fetishism and foot fetishism are not automatically related. I suppose they can be. For example, a fetish for a woman's foot could lead to a fetish to women's dress shoes, which in turn could lead to a fetish for high heels.

Or it could be something else all together like a childhood experience or maybe a teacher who wore heels, etc. Furthermore, there are a lot of different kind of high heel fetishes.

#4 Dr fetish gallery watsons

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Dr fetish gallery watsons

The approximately 10, items were accessioned — numbered, boxed and entered on disc — by a team led by Art Metropole archivist, Amy Maggiacomo, in the fall of at the Banff Centre as a project initiated by Lorne Falk. The archive now occupies some fifty running meters of boxes as well as several crates and is currently housed by the UBC Fine Arts Gallery. The Archive itself contains earlier attempts to file and catalogue its holdings.

Many of the files are not closed, but contain as yet unrealized potential for projects and exhibitions. The Archive, in a certain sense, is meant to be considered as a work of art or, perhaps more accurately, as a vehicle for artistic research, as a working model for research as art, art as research. The history of the Archive begins with the formation of Image Bank. Image Bank was founded in by Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov as a 'bank' for mail art projects.

A citation from The Savage Mind served as a cornerstone. As Morris put it, 'Image Bank implies the mechanics Dr fetish gallery watsons a collective creative consciousness. According to Morris, the bank was 'not an elaborate filing system or an access or retrieval agency. Morris was Marcel Dot a. Peanut after briefly assuming the more aristocratic Marquis d'Arachide. The personas made identity fluid, situational and circumstantial, signalling that this group of artists rejected the idea of the artist as solitary explorer of the psyche.

The first Image Bank mailing was a Xeroxed 'recycled' image of a fashion model riding an inflated swan stamped 'Image of the Month' accompanied by a list of addresses and a list of requests for images that was mailed to fellow artists. The response was positive and immediate although some who received the mailings were put off by it.

One prominent Vancouver collector fumed that Image Bank was trying to derail high art and had embraced kitsch. But Fetish six inch heels the mailing, Morris and Trasov had made contact with the mail players who would 'become collaborators in creating a shared mythology of the times.

The Fetish mailing was a border into which the recipient could insert anything, as it were. A Cultural Ecology Project asked for 'piss pics', the mailing asked for images of the future. As the first and only Image Bank Report January, noted: Johnson wrote that lots of Boston fetish faire were doing happenings but he was interested in doing nothings.

Johnson's involvement with mailings went back to the s, or by his own account. He is often given the paternity for the mail art network, a position that makes him uncomfortable as his own aesthetic emerges from rather different values than those which animated the artists of the s. Another lineage could be drawn through the activities of Fluxus, especially Robert Filliou, who broadcast the concept of 'the eternal network'.

There are precedents for mail art in the activities of the French Nouveau Realists, some of whom, notably Daniel Spoerri, would be associated with Fluxus. There is also a precedent in the activities of the various Dada formations and references to Dada abound in the punning and collaging that was circulated through the network.

But as international as Image Bank was in its connections and as knowing of a counter- one might say unAmerican version of modernism, it operated in a context unprepared for it.

There had been in Canada, unique among the industrialized nations in this respect, until the s, neither an indigenous avant gardism nor a cultivation of knowledge about such art in other countries.

This gave the project an element of risk, challenge, even euphoria. The first compilation of correspondence activity had been produced in by Dana Atchley, operating as Ace Space in Victoria, British Columbia.

For this project, the Ace Space Notebook contributors were asked to send [copies of] pages which Atchley [then] collated and redistributed to the contributors.

In Victoria he decided on correspondence as a way of keeping in touch with his contemporaries. Around the same time. Michael Goldberg produced the first Video Exchange Directory, 'with the aim of promoting videotapes moving by mail all over the place. He was especially interested in establishing contacts in Japan. His interest was shared by Morris and Trasov and many of the artists. The technique, invented as a literary tool for creating new meaning, involved the chance cutting up of texts.

Randomly rearranged, a new text appeared. This new text would open up surprising coherence. By shattering the order of the source texts these new readings were thought to infiltrate and disrupt the dominant ideology of the day. Their model was viral: As Al Razutis accounted for it, 'The year of its creation [Lee Half cocked friday fetish film Steel Mushroom s, ] was dominated by television reportage of disasters, violence, the Vietnam War, demonstrations and riots.

Bruce Conner, was early as A Movie had 'framed' society, history and culture within a kind of 'action art' that used the wreckage and excesses of society, its 'stock footage' as materials for film. The manipulation of images invariably pointed to their fetish and ritual characteristics, provoking an awareness of the circulation of the subliminal.

Found images and parodic sayings were recycled throughout the network to create a sense of a shared utopian vision and a shared critique of the West's obsession with mastery and progress. Yet the relationship between art and the images of the image industry was also contradictory, dialectical and critical. By embracing the emptiness of mass culture one broke its mesmerizing spell and transformed the power of the spell by speaking through its Fetish rubber sheath instruments.

The figures of Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol loom especially large behind the artistic manifestations of the network, but for specific, not every aspect of their productive activities. The network was fascinated with Warhol's exploitation of celebrities through an Homemade fetish video persona that seemed to receive important cultural forms uncritically. The Warhol attitude was a net, or a mirror, for a culture obsessed with image.

Duchamp's example was in the adopting of personas, the pursuit of the androgyne as a new creative type, and the formulation of a dialectical critique of aesthetics through pun and allusion. Robert Smithson's imagination of a voided-out contemporaneity was also important to the theoretical beginnings of Image Bank. To the Warholian void, a world-view centred in the fame-game of New York, Smithson added a cosmos and nature. Smithson's work with mirrors influenced Morris, and his visits to Vancouver for his abortive 'Glass Island' project coincided with the founding of the Bank.

Smithson's own mirror Love fetish series, which involved the 'displacement' of a landscape by placing mirrors in it, had in turn sought its sanction from Levi-Strauss. FILE was based on Sex pubic hair fetish and meant to be its antidote. Life 's injunctions to wallow in the American postwar order of consumer bliss, materialism and the subjugation of the people of the world, its ferocious calls to detest and liquidate difference and dissent, were inverted by FILE 's call for transgression, disobedience and the pursuit of good times, glamour and fame.

Image Bank was theorized by General Idea's A. Bronson in his article 'Pablum for the Pablum Eaters' 10 in terms of its concerns with history and myth. For Bronson, 'History is the story of the 'great' and the wealthy and the powerful few.

The poor and the renegade are left with myth, legend and folklore. Myth is the past brought into the present, that we may be masters of our own culture. In myth it is all very clear that everything must be accounted for.

One starts with a vision and names the parts. We may no longer move beyond the image, nor beyond the image Knocked out fetish the images. It was a project to end history and place culture in the temporality of mythic time, a project to conquer alienation, arrest progress and restore the bond between humankind and the natural world.

The ritual release 'the resident imagery of fetish objects,' tying together the past, present and future. Its references are temporal: In his appraisal of just what it was that Image Bank was doing, Bronson suggested Gay male sock fetishes the archive was becoming 'specific collections of imagery filling in obvious gaps in the cosmology, attempting by these collections to define whole areas of emerging consciousness.

Bronson theorized that these images represented the collective historical vision of the future as seen in the past and remained as a general mythology in the present Bronson's article may be seen to articulate the position of General Idea through a description of Image Bank — a tried strategy of young avant-garde artists.

It reveals an aspect of the discussion of the times and reminds us of the discontent and desire to re-vision the world from which both General Idea and Image Bank were born. Both were interested in media, the democratization of artistic life through networks and through what they both termed the subliminal — that stratum of society, not necessarily of the art world, that was reached through the image request lists. This world, atomized from the mass media, contained many cottage industry communication networks, demonstrating that 'ordinary' people could and did actively produce their own image worlds and did not just passively consume one.

Although neither General Idea nor Image Bank theorized this phenomenon in an academic sense, they thought what they were doing was something like ethnography, that they had uncovered the 'primitives' of the Cold War order. Both groups used and recirculated the 'zine material in the mailings and collages they would produce as artists.

There were, however, significant differences in the tone and character of early General Idea and Image Bank. General Idea's fascination for the fetish and kitsch was used as a weapon, the mode played on the anxieties of an urban scene caught between petit-bourgeoisie aspirations to glamour and the knowing hipness of coded art world cool.

At the Robert's Creek property, Babyland, the Image Bank coterie enacted one of its most luminous projects. Colour Bar Research was an endless, infinitely variable, floating conceptual painting.

Two thousand wooden colour bars were filmed, videoed and photographed in a landscape populated with naked young people. In Vincent Trasov found the 'original' Hand of the Spirit in a garbage can. Later, transformed into a silhouette or plexiglass transparency, the hand was quickly circulated through the network to become one of a number of characteristic fetish icons.

The references were multiple, conflicting and provocative. A hand with stylized, pointed extended fingers with index and middle-finger joined and the thumb rotated out makes an ambiguous semaphore. The hand is a clamp or a frame. The gesture is campy and precious, signalling glamour and artificiality while claiming an other-worldly spiritual presence.

Its origin as an object trouve, a discarded vitrine prop, pointed to its origins as a fallen object and a sign of the fallen — a badge of allegiance to the semiotics of the transgressive and subversive power of the consumer fetish to mine the collective unconscious and throw sudden, shifting light on the structures and patterns desire had built beneath the surface of society.

Hand of the Spirit files were collected, cataloguing the appearance of the hand in fashion ads and statues of the Buddha, drawing correspondences that privileged the ability of the image to have meaning that couldn't be pinned down through the established categories of discourse. So in the end the hand stood for the synthesizing ambitions of Image Bank and General Idea.

Installed in Ottawa's National Research Library, the wall was correspondence art transformed brilliantly into monument. Some plexiglass boxes contain objects culled from a request list. For Morris, Lewis's Great Wall was 'the most anarchistic yet democratic and intelligent manipulation of official bureaucracy to date. Artists in the network were asked to compete by sending in photographs. The winning entry was Trasov's picture of Morris.

The picture, something of a small icon in the history of Canadian art, depicted Morris 'wearing' a dress. The gown falls from Morris's shoulders, hiding his arms. A silhouette of the Hand of the Spirit supports his upward gazing face. It's a startling image, striking just that right note of the bizarre that is, according to Baudelaire, the mark of modern beauty.

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Hair fetish cams

Log in Sign Up. Story Tags Portal hair fetish. Views Rating Favorite Newest. My Roommates Living with two girls gets a little interesting Middle Eastern Minx Ch. Son Falls for Beauty of His Mom Jeanette and the Pervert Jeanette's past comes back to Haunt her teaching job From Weird to Eccentric Becoming wealthy allows him to pursue his peculiarities.

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Amish No More Ch. Uncle Ed He was the spitting image of Jeff's late father. Jimmy's Summer of It started with some harmless peeking at the girl next door. Snip and Tickle A man's hair fetish is revealed. When I saw him staring at me in the shower - I knew. The Closet A tale of unusual depravity. The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. Michelle's Arms A lame opening line opens the door. The Education of Jeremy Blake A tale of incest and sexual obsession. Tempting Tresses A customer fantasizes over his waitress's hair.

Flying Blonde He could see the beautiful blonde curls of the woman. New Girl in Podash Ch. Johnny's Hairotica Angel helps a young man through a crisis. Men Prefer Blondes Perverted college prof. Adventures of Barberboi Ch. Separate tags with commas. More info in the FAQ.

Balloon fetish web site

Newest Blog Entries

In the spring of , Shaun had just broken up with a boyfriend, and his roommate had moved out. Living alone for the first time and relieved of the fear that someone might walk in the door, he was finally able to indulge his fantasy.

The young man sat on his couch and started blowing up balloons. Shaun had loved playing with balloons since he was a child. When he hit puberty, he felt his first orgasm rubbing against a balloon.

It was then that his relationship with the object took on a new meaning. But now he found himself in the privacy and intimacy of his small, two-bedroom San Jose apartment. I emerged myself fully. The balloons were mostly 12 to 16 inches in diameter, plus a few three times that size. Shaun, who stands 6-foot-2, filled his bedroom to the top of his chest.

He fell asleep buried in multi-colored inflatables. Although the exact number of balloon fetishists — or any fetishist — is debated and impossible to know, Shaun is unquestionably not alone. Women — some naked, some fully dressed — masturbate with balloons on porn sites.

They ride them, suck them, have sex with them, blow them up and pop them. And sometimes groups of scantily clad women just play with balloons, sexy-pillow-fight style. Despite the x-rated results revealed by a Google search, the balloon fetish community extends beyond porn. Looners share stories and ask questions about their fetish on Facebook, Twitter and other Internet sites.

About 1, people are regular members of Balloon Buddies, a popular listserv in the looner community where otherwise uncomfortable and often ashamed balloon people gather and discuss their preoccupation. Balloon Buddies was started as a pen pal group in the s by a man from Maine nicknamed Buster Bill. Members share which colors, sizes and brands of balloons turn them on. They discuss when and why their fetish began. And there is often a friendly debate between poppers and non-poppers, as the community is divided between those who dislike and are sometimes terrified of a balloon bursting and those who are turned on and sometimes orgasm from it.

Shaun says poppers are generally more dominant and non-poppers more submissive. Mike, a non-popper from Philadelphia, shares ownership of Balloon Buddies with Shaun. He has made balloon fetishism a source of income as well as a pastime, selling products like porn videos to looners in every continent except Antarctica. He began hiring the women seen fondling balloons on his sites, mellyloon. Now, the money he makes from the sites support him and his wife.

She photographs and films the models but is not a looner. Mike has met looners of all varieties through his business as well as at balloon community get-togethers. He says balloon people are everywhere, and aside from being predominantly male, they can be anyone. They are doctors, lawyers, physicists, policemen, garbage men, firemen, jailbirds, politicians and actors. The many types of people who are into balloons parallel the many types of balloons.

Plastic storage drawers cover two of his office walls, each one filled with deflated balloons Shaun sells in his spare time on his website grandballoons. Even his cat rubs against it.

More than half of his domestic buyers live on the East Coast, although there are many in California. And more than half of his sales are international, with a spike in Germany. Shaun estimates about 85 percent of his customers are looners. They buy inch balloons big enough to climb inside of, tofoot hotdog-shaped Airships, figurines like little ducks that are hard to blow up, and anatomically correct rear ends called Derrie-Airs.

The stimulation balloons provide also varies widely, as latex can appeal to all senses. The scent can be especially important to looners. The odor is subtly sweet with a hint of rubber. One sniff, and Shaun can identify a Rifco brand product because its latex smells slightly of chocolate chip cookies. He says the aroma adds to the experience, as does the feel and sound of balloons.

Twenty-seven-year-old Chris Burney from Rutland, Vermont, says he dislikes solid colored balloons and prefers Crystaltone and transparent balloons — the see-through ones.

The bigger the better. For other looners, balloons provide stress relief more often than sexual climax. Lynda, a year-old teacher who lives outside Los Angeles, says balloons are more sensual than sexual for her. She prefers agate balloons, the swirly multi-colored ones that look like oil on water. I like the screaming hot pink and lime green. I find them reassuring. They sometimes fill the bedroom, living room or shower with balloons.

Lynda built her own cage out of PVC pipe and soft netting. She traps herself in the cage with balloons, turns on a large fan, and allows the balls of latex to whip around her, stimulating her senses to invigorating heights. Lynda also will sometimes use balloon play to help herself fall asleep, like a baby with a pacifier.

Pacifiers were made of latex when Lynda was a child. She remembers rubbing her pacifier on her nose, and she credits this toddler experience with her olfactory infatuation with balloons in adulthood. Lynda knows a handful of looners with the same pacifier association, and nearly all balloon fetishists draw some childhood connection.

Although the development of a fetish is not completely understood, experts know they are far more common among men than women. According to Human Sexuality and Its Problems by John Bancroft, psychiatry professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and former director of the Kinsey Institute, men are much more likely to develop fetishes because of a critical period during sexual growth when a young man makes a connection between a specific stimuli and a sexual response.

Over time, a fetish is born. Still, why does this connection between an object and an erotic response become permanent in some people but not others?

No one knows for sure. Some people may be born with or develop a predisposition toward fetishism, according to kink expert Gates. Take the female looner Lynda, for example; perhaps the olfactory and pleasure centers of her brain are slightly more connected than those in an average brain, wiring her to be highly affected by the smell of balloons.

No evidence suggests genetics cause people to develop fetishes, however, according to San Francisco psychotherapist and sex therapist William Henkin.

Henkin, who has worked with people with alternate sex and gender concerns for more than two decades although not with any looners , says fetishes tend to develop in people who felt traumatized as young children and may feel some extra need to be in control. Gates agrees people may be socially primed for a fetish in childhood and puberty.

They start to hone in on this stimulus during early masturbation, just as Shaun experienced his first orgasms with a balloon, which is common among looners. Family situations like these can induce anxiety, isolation and sexual shame. Experts agree fetishes almost always originate in childhood, but they disagree on the exact age. Henkin thinks they arise before 5, and probably before 3.

Vancouver sexologist and clinical counselor Pega Ren thinks boys tend to develop fetishes between 2 and 10, with 5 to 8 being most common. Shaun says he had typical childlike interests and favorite toys that were popular with many kids. He carried around a Snoopy doll and later a Scooter character from the Muppets. But somewhere between 4 and 6, he became fascinated by balloons.

Shaun remembers blowing them up and, when it was too hard for him, letting his older brother do it. They threw balloons in the family fireplace, watching flames whip them around until the latex burst.

Shaun remembers innocently playing with balloons; he would sit on them, bat them around and see how big they could get. But unlike most kids, Shaun never lost his interest in balloons. For nearly a decade afterward, Shaun refused to touch the objects of his atypical affection. But he sometimes still craved them.

Quitting balloons was like quitting smoking, he says. Accepting his homosexuality was much easier than admitting he had a balloon fetish. Chris Burney, the looner from Vermont, and Mike, the balloon businessman in Philly, have fetishes rooted in childhood fears of loud noises. Loud and unexpected balloon bursts frightened Burney as a kid, but somewhere between 8 and 12, he started feeling empowered by seeing how big he could blow one up without popping it. By the time he hit 15, the desire turned sexual.

I was like, oh my god. But if a balloon pops in front of Mike, the fun stops. While for many looners the fetish is seemingly harmless, for others it can be disturbing, even damaging. Mike has witnessed a fanatical non-popper fall into a fetal position and quiver when a balloon suddenly deflated in his presence. The most extreme looners say they have ruined relationships sneaking to hotel rooms to keep their secret from their spouses , gone into debt buying balloons and lost their sense of reality from their out-of-control preoccupation.

Abramson, the UCLA professor, testifies as an expert witness in civil cases in which sex is an issue, and he says extreme fetishes can be unsafe. In determining whether a looner suffers from a psychological disorder, therapists will likely fit the person into one of four levels of fetishism outlined by Paul Gebhard, a well-known sexologist with a Ph. Level three people would be those who need a balloon to perform sexually. And those who replace a sex partner with a balloon would be classified at the highest level — and at the greatest risk psychologically.

The most fanatic non-poppers may be level four fetishists because they treat balloons as if they were human, so much so that they equate a busted balloon with murder. Mike is well connected in the looner community, and he says people who treat balloons as human partners are the exceptions. For Mike, balloons are like pizza — satisfying in moderation.

And the Internet is to thank for that.

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