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#1 Being in a cast fetish

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Being in a cast fetish

Paul leant in the doorway of the second floor kitchen, with a can of coke in his hand. He came to the kitchen more often that he really needed to, just so he could lean here and soak in the view, enjoy the bright sunlight.

At her desk, Jo saw the shadow fall across the doorway. She'd seen Paul pass on his way to the kitchen a few minutes earlier, and heard the clunk of the coke machine. She was sure he was the only one that drank that stuff! She had always had something of a soft spot for Paul, and had even snogged him once at a company night out, in a dark corner at the back of the pub.

She would have been up for a little more, but he'd never asked and she always let men make the first move. A little encouragement perhaps From his vantage point, he could see her but she could not see him. Jewell marceau fetish was enjoying her pale legs, crossed under the desk.

Her blue skirt covered most of her thigh, but a tantalising glimpse was visible where there was a small slit up the side. Her knees gave way to gracefully curved calves and slender ankles. As he watched, she kicked one shoe off.

The shoes had a sort of wedge shaped sole, and a single band of black leather covered most of the foot leaving only the toes exposed. Without the shoe, the contrast between her purple nail polish and the creamy flesh of her foot was even more marked. Jo playfully kicked the second shoe off, and started rubbing her feet together. She kept her feet pointed, almost parallel to her legs, as she slid them back and forth over each other.

After a few seconds, she slowly and deliberately re-crossed her legs, enjoying the feel of the warm summer breeze on her long legs. Finally she slipped her shoes back on Paul took a final swig from his coke and decided it was time to go back to his desk, before the bulge in his trousers got too obvious. Many times he'd admired Jo's feet, and as many times he'd considered asking her out.

He'd always bottled it before, but today the warmth of the summer breeze, the golden sunlight and that purple polish were conspiring to intoxicate him. Without realising what he Fetish belly weight gain doing, he stuck his head into Jo's office as he passed.

Jo leaned back in her chair and ran her fingers back through her hair. She cocked her head to one side. Jo smiled at him, and as she did so her mind raced. This was what she'd been waiting for, not desperately or even keenly, but nonetheless it was an opportunity.

It could be so much more too In fact I just have. Yes, that would be wonderful! Maybe I could pick you up at 7? I have a flat on the ground floor, so if the weather holds out until then we could have a BBQ Is that the flat you had the party in a few months ago?

She contemplated the possibilities this presented. Ever since her adventure with Lucy in Brighton, she'd wanted to get 'casted' herself, but not quite got round to it. It was strange, Lucy was normally shy but had become quite outgoing in her cast. Jo felt the opposite.

She was normally the centre of attention, the man-eater, the tease, but the thought of the cast made her feel shy and cautious. So much so that she didn't want Lucy to be there, because she didn't want to feel pressured into doing all the things Lucy had done. Decision made, Jo admired her legs as she tucked them neatly under the desk once more and turned to her computer.

After looking over her shoulder she typed a URL Lucy had given her, and started composing her order in an e-mail. Friday Feelings Jo punched the button on the top of the alarm clock. She stumbled along the hall, pulling on a rich blue silk dressing gown as she went.

She opened the door and was immediately dazzled by the sunlight. The postman turned Medical fetish domme chicago look at her. Jo managed to sign the form, and went back through to her bedroom with the parcel.

As she sat on the bed, she looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad babe, she thought, although the hair could stand some work. She set to work opening the box. The first thing she pulled out, once the tape yielded to her efforts, was a pair of elbow crutches. She set them Free fetish webcam sex pic on the bed beside her, and reached into the bottom of the long container.

The final item was a smaller box that was just closed over, and opened easily. Inside were several white rolls with paper wrappers, several bulky plastic packages, a pair of rubber gloves and a length of stockinet. She looked at the plastic packages with interest. They were much bulkier than the rolls of plaster she had applied to Lucy a few weeks before, and rather than feeling dry, they felt all moist and squishy inside.

She returned the contents of the smaller box to its safety, and placed it under the bed, followed by the crutches. The warm water picked up the scent of her shower gel as it flowed over her shoulders and down her breasts, and as she washed she wondered if she would follow through with her plan. The thought of being in a cast excited her, and suddenly she realised that she really, really wanted to try out the crutches.

She rinsed herself hastily, and donned a white terry robe. Her dark hair hung wetly down her back, but instead of picking up the hair drier she went back into her bedroom and retrieved the crutches. She adjusted them carefully, so the handles and arm clips were at the right height. Bending her left knee so her calf was horizontal, she gingerly set off across the bedroom floor. After a few minutes she had mastered the action, and placing her left foot firmly on the ground alongside its sibling, she propped the crutches in the corner and threw her robe on the bed.

From her bedside cabinet she took a length of tubigrip elastic bandage, and slipped it over her toes. Enjoying the warmth and tightness Being in a cast fetish the material against her skin, she Foot fetish reviews underfeet pulled it up until it reached the middle of her thigh, and only her toes were exposed at the other end. She took up the crutches once more, and crutched across the room.

As she watched herself in the mirror, she tried to imagine that Panty hose fetish adult models leg was immobilised in a LLC instead of just a bandage. She attempted an overly ambitious turn, and fell onto the bed, flat on her back. Dropping the crutches, Jo stuck her legs in the air together, and wiggled her polished toes.

If her hunch about Paul was right, tonight would be a breeze. Her hands ran up the outside of her thighs as she lowered her legs to the ground, then up over her belly, until they came to a halt on her breasts.

Her nipples stood out dark against her pale skin, and were firm from her anticipation. She remembered a moment in the shower in Brighton and now, as then, she took a deep breath and moved on from the moment. Lucy was sitting at her desk in the reception area, and as on so many other mornings Jo felt a pang of envy at her even tan. Lucy leaned over the desk towards Jo conspiratorially.

The day in the office passed slowly, and Jo was glad when 5pm came, and she could go home. She set up the small BBQ on the patio making sure none of the neighbours saw herand prepared salad and rolls in the kitchen. She tidied a little in the living room, and took a plastic dustsheet from the garage through to her bedroom, placing it under the bed with her crutches and her box of magic. Finally she peeled off her work clothes, and stepped into the shower. Fiber Fantasies When the doorbell rang for the second time on that gorgeous Friday in the middle of summer, Jo was substantially better prepared.

Her feet were bare, and her toes had a fresh coat of purple nail polish. Her long slim legs were visible way up the thigh, giving way only to a small pair of tight red shorts, matching the red top which struggled to restrain her breasts.

He took a deep breath, and eventually managed to talk almost normally. Jo looked inside, and immediately turned and walked into the kitchen, leaving Paul to admire her receding rear view.

He accepted a large glass. To an entertaining evening. Why do you lean in the door of the kitchen for five minutes at a time some days? Now let me ask you another question. If I broke my leg and they put it in a cast, would you still stop in that doorway? The cast is purple, to match my nail polish.

The neighbours only get to know I have to go back to the hospital on Sunday night to get checked. You know how to do this? As Jo reclined on the bed, he returned with two glasses of wine, both now full once again.

Paul went to get the water, while Jo contemplated her feet. He kissed it gently, starting with her toes and working up towards her knee, then back down.

Without a word, and without looking Jo in the eye, he picked the stockinet up once more and worked it gently over her toes and up her firm calf, stopping when there was a little bunched below her knee, with plenty dangling off her toes.

Next he started wrapping padding around her ankle, working down to her toes and back up again. Another roll started up her calf, and finished just below her knee. Three more rolls went on, covering and recovering each inch of her lower leg.

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Fetish nail site

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Sex video fetish swingers big boobs

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Ot fetish parites

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Learn more, including about available controls: Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Tickling Room Personal Blog. Foot Fetish Tickle Fetish Party added an event. Now THIS sounds a good idea! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

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Being in a cast fetish

About drmarkgriffiths

You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Please update to get the most out of Flickr. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. I'm on week 5 of my full 8 week term with a long left arm cast. It's been difficult at times, but it's way more fun and the pros outweigh the cons. For those of you who didnt see my previous post, it's just a basic left arm cast--armpit to palm, standard elbow bend, no fingers included.

It's also neon hot pink, which is just embarrassing enough to be a great rush in busy public places. Here is the reason for this post: I am so incredibly excited about this!

Right now the plan is two full leg casts, an upper and lower body cast that extends up the neck to the base of the jaw, the upper body cast will connect to a full right arm cast with no elbow bend, my left arm will remain in its pink full cast.

I'll be able to bend at the waist because my leg casts will not connect to my body cast. It'll be put on Thursday night and stay on until Monday morning before I go in to work again I'm taking friday off.

My wife is my mistress in our games and she has asked me to post this info on here so I can ask you for your help. This weekend, I'll be completely helpless and exposed.

I'll spend the majority of my time laying there in a sensory deprivation hood, adult diaper, and being teased by these ladies. When i am taken out of the hood, it'll be to pleasure these wonderful ladies orally they'll sit on my face and to eat and drink whatever they choose to feed me. My mistress wants your ideas. What are some other things she and our friend can do to me, make me do, etc while I'm totally under their power?

No idea is too crazy. It'll go on their list and they'll get to decide. Needless to say, my weekend in the full body cast was amazing. Since not all of you share some of our other "games," I won't share all of the details. There is just something extra special about the rush that comes from being completely helpless and under the control and power of two beautiful women. It appears that our new friend is interested in continuing to be apart of our games.

She'll keep helping us with casting and join in on a couple other fetishes we try on a regular basis. She will take turns being a dominant with my wife, as well as a submissive with me.

That means I have a new friend to play with when we're both under the power of my wife and her 3 girlfriends who play too! Any ideas for things they can do to me in future full body casts are of course still welcome! Well I'm totally envious of you living out my fantasy! Did you take any pictures? There are plenty of pictures, but I'm sorry to say we don't publish them online. Thank you for your input and ideas, and of course more is always welcome!

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