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#1 Blood pressure cuff fetish

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Blood pressure cuff fetish

Mostly us guys here. Strange fetish, and stranger that its mostly just guys. Have met two women online since the Internet has been around that truly loved BP like I do. Actually the bp fetish is really part of the whole heartbeat fetish For me taking the blood pressure is more than just listening the heart. I mean, when the doctor listens to my heart, it's just the touch on the skin. But when she takes my blodd pressure, I can feel the cuff, hear the air whizzes, and if I'm lucky, I can even sense the smell of rubber.

It works the other way too. When I am the doctor, I can cause more stimuli to my patient. As my username might suggest, I love absolutely everything to do with blood pressure. I love the feel of the cuff before it inflates and once it starts constricting my arm Unfortunately, Men in uniform fetish late, it's very much a solo thing as my other half doesn't get it at all.

My collection of equipment remains hidden in the attic, only seeing daylight on the odd occasion I have the house to myself. It's a shame because years ago she would go along with it and check my BP and allow me to check hers. She even came home one afternoon with a proper nurses uniform, great days! I think the mistake I made was overdoing it so it became too regular and she got a bit sick of it and felt she was secondary to the fetish.

For what it's worth, that's the only piece of advice I've got for anyone who has a partner that 'tolerates' our fetishes; enjoy it, but don't overdo it. Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly, I just wish she was a bit more into it. C'est la vie, I suppose. Thats a shame Dina I feel your pain as I have had a very similar experience with my wife. It is what it is though. Thanks Dr Steth, my condolences to you too. You hit the nail on the head, it is what it is.

I'm reasonably philosophical about it and can see it from her point of view but it'd still be nice if she indulged me now and again though. Interesting post but do enjoy having bp checked by an attractive nurse or female doctor myself as well. It depends on who is checking.

I also prefer to not have one of those electronic ones. The stethoscope part of it is one of the best and hate when its missing.

Definitely no fetish here! This is one of the only things I don't like at the doctor's. Sometimes, I'll avoid going even if I'm sick just because I know they have to do this. Fetish model suicide bought my first blood pressure monitor last week. Its a cheap electric one but I really enjoy the feel of the cuff getting tight around my arm.

I was shocked to find that my blood pressure wasn't as high as I thought it might be, even with the excitement. I think I'd quite enjoy letting someone else see me using it on myself. If anyone's interested let me know. I'm a trans guy, but my chest is still mostly "female" looking just now. I have "white coat syndrome" at my Fam.

When his RN wife first takes it, it's always high. After all his exam, talking, Rx'ing my needed meds, he takes it again and it's fine. That thing went off every 15 min. I really got frustrated with that BP machine and wanted to go home to get some sleep. I too have White Coat Syndrome which placed me on Meds for a false positive until i bout passed out one night.

I do love it, especially the manual way. The doc or nurse holding my arm out to support it at heart level, using a large cuff for my large arms, squeezing, the sound of the air hissing, the touch of the stethoscope on my arm I love having my blood pressure taken!!

I'm in love with the tightness of the cuff when its being pumped upFetish foot goddess the suspence of not knowing what my blood pressure is so amazing. Its a major fetish: I have had a love for blood pressure checks since I was a child.

I loved it when the nurse would wrap the WA Baum latex cuff around my arm and pump up the cuff. I would look over and notice the mercury rising as the cuff Emma nicholls fetish model home on my arm. I continue to have a terrible case of white coat hypertension but I love everything about blood pressure checks from the feel of the cuff laying on my bicep, the smell of the rubber latex and the sound of inflation and deflation.

Most Slave fetish tgp all they way the nurse checks it and holds my arm that certain way. While it hasn't happened in a long time, I do recall at one time a nurse that would put my hand between her rib cage and her elbow to hold my arm steady.

I sure did wish I could get a feel of her boob to see her reaction; but, I behaved as I should have. Someone wants to measure my blood pressure online? And after exercise, too I agree BP measurement goes with the auscultation fetish. I do enjoy feeling the cuff as its inflated, the snick snick sound as the cuff inflated, the hiss of the air being released, then feeling the pulse again surging through my arm.

Blood pressure is one of my fantasies, but very far of my fetish, it is more close to technics and how the body of the lovers is reacting during sex, hot sex and steamy sex; by the way I am curious to see the curve of the heart beats too, on the same chart.

Imagine to record and at the same time to see on a wide screen the 4 curves, BP and HB for you and your partner. With a little love help, identical at this one used in paragliding a Been having pantyhose fetish fun when the values increases and another when the values decreases. Just a fantasy, that is 55 years that my hobby, a little less my job, so I managed to mix life, sex, hobby, job.

Read here more information what is bonus group membership. I like this fetish very much, but it's not easy to find someone with the same interest is there someone to talk, to check woman, obviusly?

I have your same fetish, but im affraid im a man Hi all, As my username might suggest, I love absolutely everything to do with blood pressure. On a positive note, I'm glad I found this site. Hi octavia i think that there is nothing sexier than a nice looking doctor taking your blood pressure the manual way too your new doc is here ; please contact me to have several measurements.

I am beginning to like it more and more. I gues because steth is involved. I love this part of the exam, hence my name: Nothing better than the feel of the cool cuff on my bicep as it tightens.

I gues because steth is involved! Love the sound of the cuff,coldness. I also do not like electronic cuff. Just not the feelings. I love that, too. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only.

#2 Black foot fetish men

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Black foot fetish men

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#3 Adult baby diaper fetish breast feeding

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Adult baby diaper fetish breast feeding

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I have been having a thought for a long time. As you guys might know from previous posts, my husband is ADHD and wears diapers, which I have supported believing that everyone has a right to comfort. We have also been going to the doctor because he was having incontinence and erectile dysfunction. There have been lots of upheavals and I feel a bit disconnected from him probably partly because the distractability of ADHD makes sex very very rare.

So here was my thought. My breasts ache for attention Is there a way to connect nursing or something like that to the diaper fetish so that we both go fulfilled? Ty for reading and providing counsel. I am not seeking a joy ride from this post.

Please only answer if you have ideas that can help us re-connect intimately. I love my husband and my body and soul are tired of missing him through this ADHD fog. Well, does he actually classify himself as an adult baby or does he consider himself more of a diaper lover?

I'm an adult baby and if my future wife offered me her breasts to nurse on, I'd go for it, probably with very little prodding either. Have you ever just asked him if he was interested in breast feeding? However,I'm also aware that there's varying degrees and it affects everyone differently. I've been with my spouse 21 years and lets just say we've had our struggles too. They don't excite me.

However, what I'm getting at, is I love to cuddle my spouse and love it when she rubs or pats my butt. I don't know what kind of fore play your both into but if he likes to be touched in his diaper as do I no different than if I had regular underwear on then maybe you guys can cuddle in a way that he would like to hold, fondle, kiss your breast or whatever you would like with them and you do the same with his desires. I don't know enough about him nor is it my business unless you want to share then it helps understand and give you the proper support.

Hopefully others will add their input. I know if my wife asked me I'd be like yes dear I'm on, but can you rub or touch here too. Just good clear communication helps you both. Originally Posted by Tyger. Originally Posted by Elisem. I am not sure I am also ADHD tho don't have the hyperactivity part I am kinda in the same boat, I don't really crave thos sexual desires as often as most like once a week or less I love my wife more than anything in this world its just my mind doesn't crave it like it should I guess, its not that I'm not attracted to my wife I think she is a very beautiful woman.

I would just ask him if it would be something he would be interested in, my wife doesn't like to connect sex with my baby side because it makes her feel uncomfortable because one minute I'm her baby then later I'm her husband and were intement, its hard for her to seperate the two.

Many he has the same problem? Well if he just says that he is a 'wearer' he may not actually consider himself AB and might not be receptive to trying breast feeding. If he says that it is also sexual, have you tried wearing a diaper in front of him?

I let him dp me before but it does not feel good to me. To me wearing dp rubs way to close to being humiliating. Adhd makes me somewhat invisible to him, to have to adopt his practices which I can support but not take on is another step on the invisibility ladder. I seek to find a way to, as potentially constructive lego pieces, make his desires and mine click. Well, I got proactive. He came home from work, I walked him into a room and put a cushion on the floor and asked him to kneel.

He got the idea of something sexual by the expression on his face and I opened my clothes. He nuzzled is that English? I hope so We held each other like that for a while I wish it was longer but circumstances were not good for that. After he left to get some things done I emailed him and asked for feedback to see if I should proceed or not.

I know he liked it, I just need to figure out a way to make it part of his working desires so it helps us have a consistent level of intimate life. I mean he snuggle to my breast. Sounds like a start, but you are right, his attention span will be an issue. I will have to find a balance between encouraging him and my own discouragement.

By kite in forum Mature Topics. All times are GMT. The time now is Content from this site may not be reproduced anywhere else without the advance written permission of the webmaster, or author.

#4 Blood fetish mistress

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Blood fetish mistress

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#5 African fetish nail pictures shells

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African fetish nail pictures shells

Photograph by Victoria Hobbs. Copyright Horniman Museum click image for larger version. The title of this paper refers to a nkisi power, or 'fetish', figure Museum No. The object is from the Congo in central Africa; it was accessioned in to the collection in but was probably made sometime during the 's.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss what the object was used for, what its various components are, and to question whether, as part of the museum's collection, it has lost some of its meaning, which in turn may affect the intervention of the conservator.

Although such objects are frequently called 'fetish' figures, referring to the fact that they were believed to have magical powers or that excessive devotion was paid to them, this is an entirely European term and evolved from a condescending misinterpretation of African civilisation. Locally-produced objects were sought by Europeans as souvenirs and curios of what was viewed as the 'primitive barbarity of Africans'.

Picture postcards were also available depicting ceremonies and customs, which promoted the theory of fetishism and terms such as idolatry, devil-worship and evil-doing. The Kongo people refer to such figures as nkisi, or minkisi in the plural. Minkisi come in various forms. The most common feature is a pack attached to the back or the abdomen of the figures which is usually covered with a mirror.

It is this pack, and other attachments, which provide the figure with its function. It was the nganga, or priest, who operated the nkisi and ministered its powers to others. The empowering substances could be inserted into cavities on the head or between the legs, as well as behind the glass plates.

In addition to carved figures, objects including shells, horns, cloth-bags, gourds and clay pots were used as containers for this material. What was attached to the figure was determined by the powers to be associated with it. The nkisi could be empowered to be a figure of ill-omen or of benevolence which protected against sickness or dangerous spirits. With its attachments the figure is imbued with an empowering spirit also known as nkisi.

Nkisi is conceived as a power emanating from the unseen world of the dead, an omniscient force which is otherwise inaccessible to human perception. When a client required the use of the nkisi, a further ceremony was performed by the priest. An appropriately empowered figure was selected, and through chanting, singing and dancing, the nkisi spirit would be called upon to act.

Clients could also add small packets containing hair, fingernail clippings, shreds of clothing or other relics to remind the nkisi of the particular problem or of the person to curse or protect. Figures could also be anointed with the blood of chickens which were sacrificed as gifts to the nkisi.

This was thought to make the nkisi aware of the violence that could be expected of it. The purpose of the mirrored glass was not only to seal the medicinal pack but also to reflect back the gaze of the viewer, completely concealing what lies behind. The mirror symbolises the nkisi spirit's ability to see the human world and the inability of humans to view the underworld. The glitter of the mirror was also believed to frighten witches and evil spirits away.

Detail of rear view of nkisi figure showing contents. Behind the glass plate on the back of the Horniman figure Museum No.

Value was often given to foreign imported materials such as mirrors, gunpowder, cartridges and nails Figure 2. The Horniman figure has many attachments. These include feathers, hooves, grass-seeds, bells, textile, skin, woven raffia fibre, shells and teeth.

The feathers link the figure to the violence of the sky; winds, rain, thunder, lightning, and fire, and to the diseases of the upper body, head, neck and chest. The shells are durable - houses of creatures that were once alive, and are synonyms for long life. The teeth are probably human teeth and suggest the ability of the nkisi to attack its victim. The bells are associated with chiefship all over central Africa and indicate the power and authority of the figure. Bells were also put on dogs and symbolise the nkisi's ability to hunt its victim.

Textiles that were attached to the figures were often strips from the client's clothing, and personalised the request. A further underlying idea of the attached feathers and strips of cloth or skin was that they would flutter during the dance that was part of the ritual, which would help to suggest spirit possession. Raffia cloth was formerly used as currency and one of the reasons it was attached was to identify a thief. If someone had money stolen and the thief was unknown, a raffia cloth was attached and the nkisi would know whom to seek out and punish.

Such cloths were also attached to hide the nakedness of the figure as it was considered among the greatest insults to stare at the buttocks of minkisi. Skin or leather that was attached was often the skin of animals that served as the diviners' familiars.

Nkisi figures are complex objects that offer an endless variety of interpretations within a certain framework of ideas. However, no definitive reading can be made of such figures, as many of them are undocumented. The rituals for which they were constructed are no longer performed. Therefore, most of the ritual - the words, songs, gestures, costumes and the state of mind of the client - are no longer accessible to us.

All that survives are the mute objects - some now damaged by the process of collection and storage. Some figures may have been altered because they were thought to have been indecent and not suitable for public viewing. Many other figures had their attachments removed by collectors who were more interested in the pure form of the carved figure.

This preference for the sculpted figure was an impoverishment of the figure in itself. The nkisi figures were never intended for art or public display in a museum. The intention was to create a visual effect in the context of ritual use, heightened by songs, drumming, and dancing. Information for the storage of the nkisi after the ceremony, which would have been provided by the priest, has also been lost.

Some were intended to be kept in a specific kind of basket, or in the roof of the client's house. Such information was often not recorded when the object was collected. This loss of meaning and altered context restricts interpretation of the object, and the function may not be fully understood. Conservators of ethnographic objects, unless they themselves are from an anthropological background, or do their own research, are very much guided by the curator as to the likely history of an object and how it should ultimately look after treatment.

Once given that information it is very often a case of minimum intervention when it comes to conserving an object. For example, although this object has few surfaces or materials that would merit wet cleaning, this was not considered because of the fact that libations such as the chicken's blood or other substances may have been poured over the figure and now form part of the history of the object and should not be removed.

It is important to have respect for the original function of the object, and as it may not at first be obvious what that was, research and curatorial collaboration are essential. We have launched a new website and are reviewing this page. Victoria and Albert Museum The world's leading museum of art and design. Home Visit Opening times Open daily from On now and coming soon Exhibitions Displays Courses.

Blood pressure cuff fetish

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The nurse said, "Debbie? Not up for your exam, today? She left her clothes in a pile and put her purse on top of them. The white paper gown opened in the front and hung just below her ass.

Debbie held the front closed as demurely as she could when she walked back out into the room. Debbie felt a little silly, pretending this was a real doctor's exam when she knew exactly what it was. But that's what she wanted--a real exam gone wrong, she supposed.

Pretending it was real was a big part of why it would be so exciting. And God, she did want that excitement. So she hopped up on the table, almost rolling her eyes at the paper tearing beneath her. This definitely was like a real exam. The table was hard and felt cool beneath her. It didn't seem as wide as most exam tables and was sectioned instead of one solid piece.

The head section was only about as wide as her head, she realized, while most tables were one width all the way down. Nurse Sylvia produced a thermometer--an actual old-fashioned model, not the electronic type so popular today--shook it a few times and said, "Open wide. Maybe you'll get a lollipop when you leave. Debbie felt her crotch getting warmer, and to her horror she realized she was going to leave a wet spot on the table in no time.

Nurse Sylvia quickly inflated the cuff and let it out. But I think we both know why that is, don't we? Nurse Sylvia removed the thermometer and smiled sweetly at her. I like to be answered when I ask a question, don't you? About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Describe your issue Have a question not already answered in the links at left or on our main FAQ page? Use the options below to adjust the size, style and colors, and click 'Apply' below.

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