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Topix: Entertainment and News - Trying To Understand My Diaper Fetish. *Trigger Warning*

#1 Diaper fetish forum

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Diaper fetish forum

Facebook Google Twitter Remember. Reply Page 1 of 2 1 2. Hello Mamas, We are right there with you all in disgust and horror at what has occurred.

Mothering is all over it in communicating with people and the authorities as well as our own legal counsel as to what we can best do. We welcome and encourage your posts about this so everyone can stay updated. I'm wondering if we can better organize it all by placing a subforum here in Diapering to house all the separate threads about this in one place with a sticky thread at the top of the Diapering forum as well as the Activism forum and TAO.

Would that be cool with you all? Since it is now more of an activism discussion we want to move with it appropriately while keeping Diapering involved as well but without the Diapering forum being overrun with the multiple threads that exist now.

Any other ideas as to what we can do to bring this to everyone's attention? I think that's a good idea. What about also having a sticky in the Toddlers and Babies forums too? Or have you considered a site-wide announcement to make sure everyone knows? I think that is a great idea. Keeps it all together in one place, and yet lets the boards start to get back to "normal" as well. That's an awesome idea. Talula Fairie is offline.

Yep - sounds good. A site wide announcement might be better. I had planned on an email to all members. We def need a sticky in other forums as well. I hadn't been to diapering in a long time and just happened to pop in yesterday and see the threads about it. Full Heart is offline. Sharing it in other forums would be good too considering that disposable pictures were posted too so it could possible affect all mommas here despite how their child might be diapered.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. How did that happen? That sounds like a great idea. I think a forum wide announcement would be great too. I'll set up the subforum to house all the threads in so I can point people to it. I'll do that now. What on earth do I title such a forum? Do we need "Fetish" in the title?

How about Diapering Activism? I think it is Fetish webcam free gyno movie great idea to get all of this in one place - not only to free up the boards but also to make it easier for people to find the most recent info. I Connecticut fetish clubs and events like to see a forum-wide statement so everyone can be informed.

I also think it is a good idea to disseminate some information about posting pics, the risks involved and how we could still do it safely I know we are still looking into this but I think it would make a good stickie eventually when all this boils down. Thanks to the mods and admin for organizing this, but not rushing to conclusions about the best way to do it. Miss Juice is offline. Thanks to you mamas for jumping all over this and getting the word out! I'm sure many a mama has been made to feel so sick at what was done with her sweet babe's picture.

If there's anything we can do to alleviate that let's do it! This Free japanese fetish porn sent to my wool soaker discussion group not by me regarding this issue: Dear Friends It has recently come to my attention that a diaper fetish website is posting hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of children wearing diapers. These pictures have been stolen from many family and parenting websites.

Amateur lycra fetish children range in age from newborn on up. The majority of the pictures posted are of family snapshots in which the child happened to have a visible diaper. This same site also posts pictures of prepubescent children who were obviously dressed in diapers, given baby items like bottles and pacifiers and posed in sexually suggestive manners.

It is apparent that many people are using this site to access pictures of young children in various stages of undress. Many mothers have found pictures of their children on this site and, understandably, feel very violated and concerned about the safety of their children. I won't link directly to the site, but if you wish to see it, google the letters "yior" and it will be the first link that appears. The site is owned by someone who lives in the US.

He has been approached by many people through email, beseeching him to remove the pictures, but he has refused to do so. Luckily, I haven't found a picture of my children on the site, but there are large sections that you must pay to access, so who knows.

However, I cannot, in good conscience, not do something to bring about the removal of this potentially pedophilic material. So, I ask of you to please do one or all of the following: Feel free to use the above two paragraphs to describe the situation. Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox at: I think diapering activism would be a good forum title.

The last thing we want is more wackos googling "diaper fetish" and coming up with mdc Cynthia a moment if you please. Defintly like diaper activism Site wide annocment would be best Please know that alot of the members though arent getting email thru here.

I am on of them. Thanks for doing this! So if we announce and email we should cover as many bases as possible. A bit much maybe. Customs Service for some reason. What Can I Do? There is no easy formula for discovering and identifying a consumer or purveyor of child pornography. However, if you have information about or suspect this type of illegal activity, contact Customs as soon as possible.

Customs is also working closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to combat the proliferation of this disturbing material. You can also report suspicious activity relating to child pornography to their "Tipline" at Complaints regarding websites, individuals, servers, or chat rooms trafficking in suspected Child Pornography can be forwarded to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at www.

Please include as much information as possible about the persons involved if known, to include URL addresses, their E-mail addresses, FTP site, etc.

The protection of our children and the elimination of this illegal material depend on all of us to do our Rubber fetish girdles. Please report any violations that you see. You can make a difference! But Diaper fetish forum the authorities already said that this is not considered porn because the children are dressed?

Wouldn't the fact that he is selling copyrighted material pictures classify this as a federal offense? It is very reassuring to know that Mothering as a whole, is taking this so seriously! I am so impressed and appreciative! BB code is On. Mothering is proudly sponsored by. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher A site wide announcement might be better. Originally Posted by m0mto3 This was sent to my wool soaker discussion group not by me regarding this issue: Originally Posted by apmama It is very reassuring to know that Mothering as a whole, is taking this so seriously!

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#2 With a pantyhose fetish may wear

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With a pantyhose fetish may wear

Sorry, you must log-in to share your story. If you are a registered member, please log-in. My obsession with pantyhose started when I was around five years old. I remember seeing a picture of a couple performing ballet. The male was wearing tights and I was intrigued. I thought that it would be fun to wear tights and if learning ballet was a way to wear them I would give it a try.

I told my mom I was interested in taking ballet lessons and Adult boot fetish webcam shopping gave a little laugh and explained that I was too young. This was probably a good decision because by the time I was a teen I was 6'-0" tall, not very coordinated and weighed about lbs. I wore pantyhose the first time when I was about thirteen years old. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing a pair of my mom's beige pantyhose hanging from the bath cutain rod.

I just could not resist the temptation any longer! I locked the bathroom door, stripped down to nothing and slipped into the pantyhose.

By the time I pulled them up to my waist I had a raging hard-on. I grabbed my mom's Cosmo and Vogue magazines and masturbated while looking Sister fart fetish story Berkshire and Hanes pantyhose advertisements and myself in the Wet pantie hose fetish. Oh what a fantastic feeling!

When I was done I carefully took the pantyhose off, made sure they had no tell-tail stains and hung them back on the rod. This was so exciting, but I also felt a little ashamed. Evidently not ashamed enough, because I continued to wear pantyhose any chance I got until I was about sixteen. To the best of my knowledge I never got caught by my mom or sisters wearing their pantyhose.

I wonder what would have happened if my mom caught me wearing her pantyhose. There was one time when I was fourteen that I was at a friends house playing with Matchbox cars. His parents were not home. The next thing I know he leads me into his parents bedroom, pulls out his mom's lingere drawer and empties the drawer of pantyhose, girdles and bras onto their bed.

He then asked me if I would like to wear some of his moms lingere with him. Well I was quite excited about the thought of putting on her sheer beige pantyhose! I just could not do it! I believe I was afraid of dressing up and wearing lingere with this guy and what may have happened or just the possibility of getting caught by his mom in her pantyhose.

My friend seemed pretty disappointed and I guess if I wasn't going to put on any lingere he wasn't going to either. He carefully put the pantyhose, girdles and bras back in the drawer and we ended up back in the den and started playing with the Matchbox cars again as if nothing had ever happened.

I always wondered what would have happened if I had taken the chance and worn his mom's lingere! I didn't wear pantyhose after age sixteen and up until I got married. I do have alot of great memories of girlfriends wearing pantyhose when we would go out on dates.

I do believe that most of them had an inkling of my pantyhose fetish because I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes and hands off their nylon encased legs! I have been happily married to my wonderful wife for thirty three years. Right after we got married I started wearing pantyhose again when I was home alone. My wife did not know about my pantyhose fetish, although I think she may have been suspicious when she would open her pantyhose drawer and find her favorite hose missing.

I would occasionally buy pantyhose at Victoria's Secret or Macy's and it was always a thrill to have the saleslady help me pick out some pairs that I am sure she knew were for me!

One night about one year into our marriage my wife and I were in bed. I was having a hard time trying to figure a way to let my wife know that I enjoyed not only her wearing pantyhose when we made love, but that I would like to wear pantyhose also.

After what seemed an eternity I finally told her. Initially she was shocked, but I believe she was truly concerned that there was something seriously wrong, and after finding out that this was only a pantyhose fetish she was relieved.

Next thing I know she goes to her lingere drawer and pulls out two pairs of pantyhose. She then tells me to put one pair on while she gets into the other pair of pantyhose. What happened next was one the most sexually exciting nights of my life!

I am very fortunate to have a great wife who lets me indulge and encourages me in my pantyhose fetish, although primarily for bedroom liasons. Just can't seem to get enough pantyhose sex! Thanks to Pantyhose Share Club for providing a great site that lets me enjoy my pantyhose fetish with others.

The longer I indulge in my pantyhose fetish I realize that I have missed out on sharing a pantyhose experience with another man. Because of this I am changing my sexual preference from strait to bisexual.

It is fun to fantasize and communicate with other men and women on the PSC site about wearing, masturbating and having man on man sex! If only I had dressed up in pantyhose and lingere with my friend when I was fourteen, I do believe we would of had a fantastic time of fondeling, frotting, mutually masturbating and who knows what else in pantyhosed splendor! I was a typical tights convert at a tender age of 5 or younger.

I have vivid memories of admiring my mums legs in tan tights sitting there talking whilst I was on the carpet looking. When I was at junior school I was transfixed by my school friends girlswearing cotton nylon leotards. I Fetish buried in sand wanted to be a girl and join them. I also delighted further more by teachers in their skirts and dresses making life nice but frustrating. I was sexual self aware then. I recall loving all sorts of tight clothing and TV reflected this with Woman Woman, Daisy Duke and numerous pantyhose or tight clothing in the end of the Disco era!

So I survived until 13 craving my first experience. I started taking my mother's tights finding my sister's more varied and interesting. I tried a few clothes but I was a growing young thing and found clothes too tight in the wrong way. I very much loved my weekly fix of wearing hose whenever the parents went out. College provided a lady lady who had tights that I borrowed and better still Mother milk fetish charity box of other peoples clothes for car boots.

I found quite a few opportunities to dress up more at college. I got into prolonged borrowing of tights and clothes fighting guilt of being found out! At 25 I had a great opportunity to dress up in a made-up female outfit and absolutely loved going out in public as a frightening over the top but drag pleasing lady in to the city centre. Every student was doing it so what a thrill. After this I started taking the occasional thrill of buying in department stores for hose.

The internet is now where I have acquired my outfits. I enjoy sexy leotards, dresses and skirts. I love talking at length about the erotic of tight clothes and spend hours strolling around the house in nylon and lycra. I like to wear long leather boots with my outfit and I love the heroic super look and the shape of my thighs and my ass this way.

Please chat about your loves, I am on here to be Elsa and my boy name is second for me. I feel a greater love of being a gurl and enjoying erotic chat about wearing sexy outfits. I love the idea my sex is a bit blurred and I'm in the middle somewhere. I'm not a quick chat I hope and love to open up to ideas.

These "Share" stories seem to have a lot more to do with crossdressing than mine, so I hope I'm not out of bounds.

My obsessions with pantyhose go back to when I was a kid and every girl wore mini skirts, heels and pantyhose. Anytime I see a woman's legs in suntan or black pantyhose I get weak in the knees. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few women who have With a pantyhose fetish may wear willing to explore my fetishes and submissiveness. I think it has brought out the femdom in them from time to time.

Nylon foot worship, footjobs, humping tightly-squeezed pantyhose calves and thighs, being made to wear pantyhose for her amusement Here's hoping I never lose that passion. But I keep on the lookout. Keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks.

Pantyhose has been part of my life for a long time. I am early 50 now and it started when I was about 10 or At that time women wore pantyhose a lot, especially in Europe. I go fascinated and wanted to try a pair of my mom. She caught me that very first time, not a good start. That did not stop me from wearing, and I was not caught again. Met my first girl friend, married her, never dared to tell here about my love for wearing PH.

Although she had figured out that I loved it as well to see her wearing them. One night I got in bed wearing a pair, but she found that perverse, a 1 time experience. Divorced not because of that and re-married and this time I was more open on my PH addiction, as it had now become. She found it in the begining a bit strange that I like to wear PH, but she agreed. Just walking in a PH and a T-shirt through the house felt somehow a bit naked to me, so I tried a skirt of hers.

That felt so good and I decided to tell her about that. Long story short, from skirts came heels and now I wear skirt, 3" heels and PH every day after work.

#3 Weird bizarre fetish porn videos

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Weird bizarre fetish porn videos

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Diaper fetish forum

What's Going On?

Login or Sign Up. Diaper fetish - Come out to my partner? Previous 1 2 template Next. February 22nd, , My name is Bob and I'm having some intimacy issues with my new girlfriend. We have been dating for about 3 months.

She is such a great girl and I think I may be in love, however, I feel there is a big mess of stuff we're not dealing with. See, I get really turned on in bed when i can put on a diaper and role play. But I haven't been able to bring myself to tell her yet. In my last relationship, I was with a woman for about a year. I opened up about my fetish pretty early on and she seemed to be okay at first.

As time progressed, she became more distant. I could tell that me being naked wearing only a diaper made her uncomfortable and it was the inevitable demise of our sex life and then our relationship. She just couldn't seem to get past it. I really want to find a girl who's open-minded and willing to explore my sexuality, but I don't know how to approach her. I'd really hate to lose her, but it is really important for me to be able to express my sexuality. I don't know what it is about putting on a diaper and walking around the house or lying in bed with one on.

I feel more like myself. I feel free of responsibility and the crushing weight of my high-stress job. I do pretty well for myself, and I feel like I should be able to unwind. I'm thinking of just putting on the diaper the next time we get intimate and gauging her reaction. I don't think I'll go all the way on the first try and ask her to change me ;. Originally posted by babyBoB View Post. Last edited by foh4k ; February 22nd, , There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity.

People who do not experience self-love have little or no capacity to love others. Well, to each their own, buddy. However; I highly recommend that if you're not going to actively search for someone who actually enjoys your fetish as much as you do, then you'd best not just spring it on someone who is vanilla by walking in on her in your gear.

If you're a good lover in general, then you will more likely keep her after you confess your kink then if you are a lazy lover who just expects her to warm up to it.

Last edited by phasesofthemoon ; February 22nd, , The only suggestion I have, is get her to wear a bib during also so she doesn't feel left out. I dig my toes into the sand.

The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket. You can't explain what happened to you to make you this way, huh? How was your relationship with your mom? Lewis "Love is not an affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained. Your fetish is your fetish and as long as it isn't inhibiting you or getting in the way of your daily function, I don't see why it should be a problem. However, as with all other fetishes, there are always issues of compatibility and I think that with your particular fetish, it's going to be hard to get what you want.

Savagelove has answered questions around this issue of having a fetish that you partner may not agree with and I think his solution encapsulates it the best- compromise. Try to find a compromise with your partner about when you two act on your fetish together- since you will be compromising by having more vanilla sex with her, then, if she is committed to you, should do the same.

If, however, this is not something that she is able to engage in, then you need to consider what's important to you- being able to sexually express yourself or being with this woman. Both are very valid options but without her consenting, it is one or the other. And foh4h, there's really no need to break down this guy's fetish into mini arguments about why it is deviant. He's probably already gone through that as he has learned to accept his fetish, so you're really just wasting your breath so to speak and being a bit of a douche.

All this will happen again. The "break down" all has valid points. Bob through his own words has revealed that his fetish gets in the way of his relationships.

Foh has explained to him why this happens. Bob may just be able to enjoy his fetish without losing partners if he actually searches for them through alternate lifestyle groups instead of trying to initiate women into his club. Being politically correct probably isn't in Babybob's best interests at this point. It's come to my attention that my fellow poster feel I was rude and insensitive to your post.

I will counter by saying my sense of humor got the best of me. I'm not ripping on your fetish. I have one as well although a little more mundane. Whatever it may be you own it, it's your thing, and I am open minded enough to accept it and say Go For It.

I do think your pool of candidates would be mighty slim. And in just the regard of putting it out there will come at you with some more specific advice. Why don't you during the time of sexual flirting and innuendo ask her about her fetishes and open the door that way? Perhaps get her talking about her things would be a way to introduce yours. It's going to be a tricky subject and situation either way so maybe you find out the depth of her openness when it comes to fetishes before you spill the beans on yours.

To reiterate, I apologize for I clearly raised the ire of a few posters here. In the future, I will refrain for a day before responding to anything that my wacked out sense of humor could inhibit the response from being true advice.

I just let it get the best of my response without considering how sensitive you may really be to it. Me personally would think it has to take a pretty secure man to admit to it and trumpet it. So in my thinking I guess I didn't think it may be your Achilles Heel. Sorry Bob, carry on and I'm not knocking your fetish, and certainly not knocking you. You are what you are all parts included. If Babybob is real and not a one hit wonder troll, then your advice to search alternate lifestyle members google it, Bob is still valid, foh.

If you lose this gf over your proclivities Bob, then it would behove you to consider it. Don't be a 'douche' and string this girl along too long without letting her know what you're up to. Originally posted by beentheredonethat View Post. I suspect Bob is either ashamed to come back or as trolly as "My teacher raped me" girl.

For more information on paragraphs please press your enter key whilst typing a post. Thanks for the support. I tried some other forums and nobody was very helpful and some were pretty rude. I've struggled with this thing for quite a while, and it's on my mind all the time lately. I keep thinking there is something wrong with me, but I'm really just not satisfied with sex without the diaper. Which is not to say that I've actually got any women to go for it.

It's always such a bomb and a deal breaker when I bring it up. My ex banished it from the bedroom, and I wound up just resenting her for it. I wound up at home by myself in the diaper when she wasn't around, satisfying myself. Someone asked about my mom. I grew up with a single mom, and she wasn't around much. I was, as they say, "a latch key kid". My mom worked all day, and when I got home from school, I'd do my homework or whatever and make a TV dinner for myself. She had a lot of boyfriends too, and none of them ever stuck.

After high school, I worked hard putting myself through school to finally make it where I am today. It was in college where I got into the diaper thing. My current girlfriend is kind of religious, and I don't think she has any fetishes. She like sex, but she's never done anything that wild. I'm really worried about dropping this load on her. Valentine's day was last week, and although we made love and things seemed to go well, I was left unsatisfied. I think I may try baby talk first and see if she's into it, and tell her to call me Bobby.

If that works, I might be able to convince her to give me a bath. Maybe it just takes baby steps. I am a masculine man in every way, and I don't think getting pampered makes me any less of a man.

I really take care of a lot in my job, and sometimes I just need taken care of myself. I'm not sure that as a religious type she'd be very receptive to the announcement. I guess all you can do is tell her about it and see how she takes it.

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