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fetisch-sex.org | Handball & Gay Fisting Blog - Emo get fisted gay Bruce moans and moans, as Axel handball's

#1 Gay handball fetish

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Gay handball fetish

Jimmy DuranoSeven Dixon. Byron SaintRogue Status. Jimmy DuranoLiam Harkmore. Byron SaintMarcus Isaacs. John MagnumByron Saint. Alessandro Del ToroZack Taylor. Preston JohnsonChristian Mitchell. Drew SebastianBrian Davilla. Jimmy DuranoJeremy Stevens. Jimmy DuranoBobby Hart. Jimmy DuranoJed Athens. Jimmy DuranoJordano Santoro. Jimmy DuranoJake Perry. Welcome Womans haircutting fetish the gay dungeon; the most extreme fetish and hardcore gay porn site you will find on the net.

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#2 Fetish mature ladies video

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Fetish mature ladies video

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#3 Adult gallery fetish webcam

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Adult gallery fetish webcam

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#4 Video game fetishs

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Video game fetishs

Alright, nice try lady I'm supposed to think you're a nunbut I know you're really some kind of big, ugly demon, so let's have it. Note that thanks to Values Dissonancesome of this stuff may be perfectly acceptable to the developers. Otherwise, it wasn't intentional, just a victim of Rule Thirty Four.

Although it's not unlikely that they knew exactly what they're doing. Games that don't have their own Fetish Fuel page yet. Bet he's popular with the lady zombies. Bastion is WAY too sexy to be coming from an old, white-haired Fart in jeans fetish. Speaking of unexpected hotness, we have the Kid adorable, quiet, nigh-unstoppable and Zulf he just needs a little luv, and thanks to his outfit, he looks like the most huggable dude EVER.

Aya Brea from Parasite Eve. Half-Japanese, beautiful blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, looks drop-dead gorgeous in both a dress or jeans. For starters, this is what she's wearing when everything goes to hell at the start, and she proceeds to defeat a mutated alligator in the New York sewers! Further evidence of her sexiness can be found here and here. The second and third games are no slouches, either, and even give us some rather fanservicey shower scenes.

Are we not gonna talk about Kid Icarus? Hang on and listen. Eggplant Wizards were cool and all if you were into transformation, but they've been nerfed in Uprising so that you no longer need the hospital to recover, it will go away on its own.

Uprising, however, introduces the Tempura Wizards. The mechanics are similar, except Pit's stamina is decreased, and will be chased by the Tempura Wizard, who will attempt to eat him. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Kinda Nurses and ercction fetish though, in a weird way Nobody has mentioned Crash Bandicoot's sister, Coco? She seems to get a lot of rule 34 and the fact that she bares her midriff in the later games doesn't help either.

A rather ironic example, seeing as she was supposed to replace a character considered "too sexy". Sam and Max ' 's Noir Sam, and he slaps his suspects around for those into sado-masochism.

And the vast profusion of characters who either get hypnotized or brainwashed. And Papierwiate and the Narrator's voices. Without wishing to spoil anything, Sybil in episode Lara Croft is fetish fuel defined, an Action Girl who wears a tight, belly exposing topwears shorts that cling to her nicely rendered rear, has well developed breastsvery flexible due to her gymnast abilities, has a sexy British accent, and this troper's personal favourite goes completely barefoot at least once in nearly all of the Tomb Raider games, in addition, her in the Gothic outfit from Legends is probably what made him fond of goth girls.

Lara is not the only attractive character in the Dental assistant fetish. Male characters from the franchise have ganered their own legion of fangirls too: This troper can not be the only one who had a thing for being so powerful and agile in the Assassin's Creed Games.

There's something about stalking your prey, with or without them knowing it, that just gives this trope squiggly feelings. Nah, it can be worse. Such as having the hots for Juno, of all things. I would spend some nights with either of them. There's a reason why the "Dark endings" in Princess Maker are fan favorites. You don't believe me? And aside of those, several magic and fighting endings have the girl wearing VERY stripperiffic clothes.

You can buy bust-enhancing pills for your daughter. I repeat, you can buy bust-enhancing pills for your daughter. And really stripperiffic dancing dresses. The game even lampshades it when it doesn't let her wear Video game fetishs sexier ones until she's at least You think that's bad? If you cheat and visit Crazy Eddie's store, you can buy the Undress, which does exactly what it says on the tin, no matter how young she is.

Yeah, good luck explaining that one to the FBI. In addition to outfits like those mentioned above, 3 has a Fur Bikini your princess wears in one of the endings. Sadly, 4 toned down the Dark Endings, guess Tenhiro Naoto had standards to how raunchy can he draw.

This Troper loves Cube. An adorable, dark-skinned Defector from Decadence Demon Butler, who is utterly loyal? Who swoops in on Batty wings to rescue the girl. Brave Fencer Musashi almost made it enjoyable watching princesses being kidnapped.

Each time, her hands were tied behind her, and she jiggled as she struggled to get free. Unsurprisingly Photos internet content downloadable fetish the game's roots, the City Of Heroes character designer has a lot of fetish-inspired options. It's unlikely you'll play this game long without developing a catgirl fetish. As of several major releases ago, catboys are now creatable as well.

No More Heroes has the aptly named Bad Girl. Observe how many fetishes she manages to cater to in 4 minutes of cut-scenes. This assumes, of course, that you aren't disturbed by how much of a wreck she is. This is No More Heroes. Then there's Shinobu, who plays to the "hot for teacher", Action Girland amputee fetishes. And of course, Sylvia. Naughty business woman, hot accent, bossy personality.

I could go on. They're a bit young, unless you're 15 or something. Henry is a sexy, sexy, Badass Longcoated beast. That Irish accent doesn't help. Meanwhile, I know Travis is a Heroic Sociopath prick The Fetish bondage dropship that he's voiced by Robin Atkin Downes doesn't help at all.

Psycho bitch or not, Bad Girl seems to hit every one of this troper's kinks at the same time, even the ones that contradict. He wouldn't mind him a bit of Shinobu either. Henry, with his overall awesomeness and his inexplicable accent? Or Travis, with his eBay-bought lightsaber and his otaku obssessions? Dammit, why can't I have both? Perferably at the same time. I mean a threesome. Travis Touchdown is not moe, strictly speaking, but I'd still hit it so hard coins would fly out. Three, and I don't even play video games.

I just watch walkthroughs. Naomi, I love hot girls with a good brain, and this sexy lady is no exception. She can fix my beam katana any time, if you know what I mean. Jeane is dead sexy too, and Alice Twilight is just plain gorgeous. Oh come on now, people, no love for the sparkling, incredibly hot and cute Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii?

Harvey is so ridiculously cute with those cute sparkles, yet he's outrageously sexy with his orgasm-inducing accent and that shirt that reveals his quite muscular chest And not to mention his voice. Darkstalkers has a lot going on. Felicia, the Cat Girl with Godiva furrowr!

Not to mention the succubi and vampire. It has its own class of related fanart already. No one would be surprised if there actually was a forum dedicated entirely to the subject. Here's a few of them in action. Fetish Fuel Station Attendant ahoy! This troper has a flash of Jon Talbain's transformation sprite animation.

To be nude and hyperphallic. What Cowboy boot fetish webcam Jedah's command throw from Darkstalkers 3? He grabs his opponent's face and fills some part of them up with blood, causing them to explode. It's actually not squicky at all, despite the sound of it. Almost certainly intentional with Lilith's animation, which involves two slabs of fat that she normally possesses almost none of blowing up to a ridiculous size.

#5 Speedo fetish galleries

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Speedo fetish galleries

I'm a 23yo guy from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I love speedos and since puberty I have found a connection between speedos and sex. I now own 6 pairs of speedos including the size 14 black pair of aussiebums you see me wearing on the right. As I grew up I had a chance to wear speedos in public as a 'nipper' j unior life guard and during school swimming classes where speedos were compulsory. When I moved out of home to live with some uni mates I began to wear speedos more and more.

Back in I was doing work experience for a web design company on the coast and I was constantly looking for websites which had pics of hot young guys in their speedos. With limited success I would find sites with 10 pics here and then find a site with maybe even sites.

However, these sites had some good pics and some average pics. So I decided to use my web design skills to make a website dedicated to guys in speedos and to make the site everything that I would want.

On March 20th, the website SpeedoBoyz. The site had photos which were fully searchable just as the pics are now. So that if you wanted to see guys in white speedos - you could just see those pics. When launched I hosted the site on my employers ISP without their knowledge. Back then membership to SpeedoBoyz. In November , I began adding movies to SpeedoBoyz. The feedback from adding the movies section was overwhelming and SpeedoBoyz.

With all the extra downloads it wasn't long before my boss caught wind of what I was doing and in February I had to move SpeedoBoyz. For 3 months I paid for this service but with the ever increasing movies gallery, the subsequent increasing ISP bills ended up forcing me to charge for membership in June This was a great shame that I had to charge for membership.

But, with the movies gallery at over 10 hours I felt it more important to keep the movies at the cost of having to charge for membership. For the next 12 months I spent my time working on getting new models to shoot and getting more and more movies. The income from membership and ISP costs both increased in tandem. I posted my troubles with this matter on the site and had an amazing response from fellow speedo lovers across the world and I prepared my defense.

Unfortunately, the sheer money that the Speedo Corporation was throwing at the case forced me to concede defeat. But, on August 25th, SpeedoBoyz. Since August I have continued to build the photo gallery which stands at 6, photos - all categorised so they are searchable and the movies gallery which now has over 26 hours of movies available for download. I continue to source hot models from the Eastern Australian coast and enjoy the photo shoots just as much as you guys enjoy checking out the pics.

I've finished my final year of university and I'm now doing a little bit of travelling. I love being able to work on the site from anywhere in the world and I have met some members in person which has been wonderful. I'd like to say that SpeedoFetish. I love speedos and I love sharing them with others. And most importantly, I love meeting members and sharing stories of being in our speedos. I do hope you join SpeedoFetish. If you decide to join the site, know full well that your membership contribution is going towards the site and not some corporate bottom line.

You can read my weblog AussieSpeedoGuy. Yes this is me and there is some video footage of me in my speedos available for members to watch.

Now you can't get me out of my speedos. I've finished my final year of university and I'm now doing a little bit of travelling I love being able to work on the site from anywhere in the world and I have met some members in person which has been wonderful.

Gay handball fetish

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