Most popular female clothing fetish

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#1 Most popular female clothing fetish

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Most popular female clothing fetish

By now, hopefully you know that everyone has different quirks and tastes when it comes to physical attraction, sexual appetite and personal desire. Whatever the turn-on, exploring your various fetishes and sexual fantasies is a healthy part of a relationship. Not only does it build your intimate conversation, but it can help you better understand your own pleasure points and better fulfill your partner's needs, too.

If you're not sure how common your current fetish is, leave it to the experts to identify everything from latex looking at you bodysuit from your dreams to the act of voyeurism and nope, we're not just talking porn. From what the fetish is and it's history to a sex tip for making it work for your lifestyle and your intrigue, here's everything you need to know about the top 10 fetishes.

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one stuffed animal, toy or blanket that made you feel better, no matter what? Without realizing, you formed an instant attraction and attachment to this object and over time, it built as it comforted you throughout your childhood. Fetishes are a little bit like that.

Though it likely won't make you calm, but rather, excite you, a fetish is something that's innate to your character and particular to your specific sense of self. It's a lot like sexual orientationyou don't necessarily choose it, but you are immediately turned on by it. Common male fetishes are breasts, legs, hair, shoes, and underwear," explains Coleen Singer, sexpert and Fetish porn free video download producer at Wasteland.

It's a safe assessment to say that nearly everyone — from your best friend to your neighbor to your boss — has some sort of fetish. Simply preferring one part of your partner's over another, or enjoying lingerie falls under the 'fetish' bucket. Though to list every single fetish would be quite the feat — but there are some fetishes that are more common than others. Regardless if your preferred preference or secret intrigue made this list or not, consider yourself totally normal as you investigate exploring the details that really make you hot, bothered and satisfied.

Though sitcoms and stand-up comedians Fetish long tongue to poke fun at those who don't look at a lady's breasts but keep going South until they reach her toes, a foot fetish isn't as kinky or out there as you might think.

It can encompass shoes and stockings as well that is put on the foot. It can be licking the foot, sucking on the toes, having a woman masturbate the man with her foot," Dawn Michael, PhD and Clinical Sexologist says. He can be submissive to her foot and lay at the base of her feet, massaging, licking and sucking her toes. For men who have this fetish, it comes out in different ways. As Antonia Hall, MA, a psychologist, relationship expert and the award-winning author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life explains, "Foot fetishists are turned on by the sight of feet and often want to lick, suck and nibble on toes and other parts of the foot.

Some foot fetishists want to see feet in stockings, or have a desire to tear stockings with their teeth before savoring their priced feet.

Most popular female clothing fetish you have this fetish, it's important to have an open dialogue about your desire to touch and be involved with feet, but to not cross any boundaries without talking to your partner about it first. Some women will like it as it leads to nice foot massages and shoe shopping sprees, but others may well find it a bit creepy," Michael says. If your Alternative resources fetish has never been exposed to this kink, then she might not know exactly how it plays out and could be a bit overwhelmed by it.

Once you explain your mission and desire, chances are, if she cares about you, she'll be able to roll with it, as long as her needs are being met too. Once you get the green light, it's pretty much a fetish that can be played out anywhere from the bedroom, to discreetly under the table at a restaurant, or even on public transportation if you like being a bit edgy.

Singer recommends a helpful, good book for those new to exploring their foot fetish is The Sexy Foot Fetish Handbook by author Danny Bright. It's available on Amazon, and the author offers this colorful synopsis: Learn how to arouse a footsie girl with just your eyes, how to get her interest focused on only you, and then how to get her to come to you to enjoy her beautiful feet!

This isn't bird or whale watching, but you might notice some humping, if you're into this type of fetish. This is a commonplace fetish, as most humans have at least an element of fascination with nudity and other's sexuality. Fortunately for voyeurs there are a multitude of instant access ways to watch on the internet. For those who must watch live in person, there are many global nudists and sexual communities to tap into," Hall explains.

If simply watching porn doesn't cut it for your need to watch others in the act, you can take a leap of faith and venture into communities, as Hall mentioned, that offer this type of experience.

Here, you will find others who share your same fantasy and are open to participating in a voyeur's ultimate turn-on: After everyone is on board for the scene, go ahead and peek in through a crack in the door or in through a window at them having sex to add to the fantasy," Singer suggests.

While it's perfectly fine to watch your gal having sex with another man or woman while you observe, it's totally not cool to secretly peek into your neighbor's window without their knowledge and advance permission! This is also known as being a 'Peeping Tom' and very much illegal in most jurisdictions!

If you're curious in exploring the topic deeper and understanding why this specific act might turn you on so much, Singer suggests reading Voyeurism by Darren G.

Burton, available in Kindle Edition on Amazon. The synopsis states, "Voyeurism is a collection of hot and sexy stories where one or more people are watching others engaged in sexual acts. In some stories the couple are unaware they are being watched, while in others the participants are only too happy to have an enthusiastic audience. Voyeurism by Darren G. Nah, we're not talking about latex condoms being turned on by wearing those probably doesn't fall on most guy's fantasy listbut more so, clothes that really show off every curve, bump and ahem, grind?

Often there's a desire for the latex clothing to be shiny. Some want to make it slick and rub against it. This fetish commonly has a connection with the BDSM community.

Latex is a pretty mainstream fetish and there are communities one can find to explore the fetish with like-minded individuals," Hall explains. Michael adds that latex is often considered an interesting fetish because it leads to so many other ones: One fetish involving latex is a balloon fetish, where you're turned on by both the inflating, popping and deflating process of balloons," she says.

Singer says that latex lovers also might be called 'rubberists' with gay men calling themselves rubbermenor in Germany, you might call yourself 'Gummi.

If you're interested in exploring this fetish, you might want to get your credit card with super-star rewards ready, because Singer warns that it's a pretty pricey endeavor. And, if you are the one with the latex fetish, you may want to expect that you will be the one paying for the garments for your gal," she explains. When you're taking care of your latex wear — for her or for yourself — is to keep it healthy, so you don't get any infections or unwanted reactions.

And even more so: Not doing so will significantly reduce the lifetime of the garments. In business for more than 25 years, they manufacture their high quality own products," Singer suggests. Their Latex line can be seen here. Domination and submission is a power exchange whereby the dominant controls the submissive, who does everything they're told to.

Many people include some form of domination and submission into their sexual activity. True Doms and subs can only get off when their role is being fulfilled with a partner," Hall explains. So what are you doing when you're participating in this type of fetish? Singer explains that the roles vary greatly, "Your actions in this type of lifestyle are based on individual tastes and likes, but can include bondage, restraint, slave training, sexual submission, impact play i.

But when you're participating in these somewhat-dangerous and at times, uncomfortable situations, you want to keep safety top of mind for you and your partner. Pre-negotiate the activities of the scenes. Establish a clear safe word for when the action needs to be stopped. Have well-defined limits of what things are not allowed," she suggests. Being part of an online BDSM community or joining a local group is a great learning resource.

You should try this BDSM starter kit to get you going in the practice, and for some safe playing around with your partner to see how kinky you really want to get. Hall also suggests picking up a copy of: Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism. Often those into piercings will find a partner who is also pierced. The turn on can be anything from the visual to the feel of the cool metal of the piercing.

Some people like to lick, suck and tug on piercings," Hall says. When you're participating in this fetish, it's important to make sure your partner is on the same page and that she isn't merely getting a part of her body pierced a hole that will be there for the rest of her life!

When you're tugging, kissing, licking or otherwise fondling the piercings, especially if they're in very sensitive areas such as her nipples or her clitorisbe very careful not to be too rough or you could permanently damage the skin. You will want a wide collection of rings and studs for your piercing library, making sure you have something for every mood you're in.

For this fetish, the easiest solution to make sure you're capitalizing on what turns you Lover s pantyhose fetish she the most is being highly-selective about your partner. While you want to connect on emotional and psychological level, you also need to be attracted to whoever you're spending time with, and that they fulfill your innate need.

It doesn't make you biased, but rather, it's exercising your personal preference and making sure you don't end up in a couple where you're constantly tempted by other women, watching porn and more.

In addition to the Big Butt Book 3D ; that you would worship over, consider giving your girlfriend a corset like this one that will show off her best — and your favorite — assets. But playing with hair is incredible sensual and can be associated with a fetish. Some people want to see their partner's hair up in a ponytail so they can pull it during sex. The head has a lot of nerve endings, so having hair held, tugged and pulled on can feel really good when done properly," Hall explains.

As with anything that might cause physical pain to another person, consent is extremely important. You want to make sure you get the seal of approval from your partner before grabbing at their hair or asking them to do certain types of hairstyles. Consider giving your girlfriend this dominatrix ponytail hairpiece that will give her those long locks you lost after. Some straight men like the feel of women's underwear, or enjoy wearing dresses and feminine clothes.

Sometimes the appeal is knowing it's Free fetish graphics, and the idea of being caught is a turn on," Hall says. Though you might find yourself somewhat ashamed of this fetish, experts agree, it's totally normal, and for most men, something they've held onto since childhood. If you were among the few who enjoyed wearing your sister's clothes as a kid, then you probably have some sort of attraction outside of the traditional, standard gender roles that are often popularized.

Even if you're nervous, consider explaining this fetish to your partner and see how she feels about it. She may even enjoy the role reversal, giving her the chance to be more dominant, while you claim a submissive position.

Nope, this doesn't mean that you're a weather freak, it just means that you can be excited by different naturally-occurring events that are out of the normal forecasts. As Hall details, "The sound of running water, or feel of it streaming down one's body can be a huge turn on for some people.

Likewise, some can become aroused by the intensity of thunder and watching lightning spark in the sky. A big word of caution from the experts though:

#2 Heel crush fetish

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Heel crush fetish

A fan sent me a pair of killer New Rock boots and his own laptop, and I know just what to do. The heels of these boots are like daggers, and they easily puncture the hardware. I stomp hard on the laptop, loving the breaking noises it makes, especially when the screen shatters and the keyboard buttons skitter across the hard floor.

I've take great pleasure in ruthless trampling. High heel crushexpensive crushemdomfoot crushstompingtramplingfetishboots. This sturdy looking tank is no match for my need to crush things into oblivion. I play with the plastic toy, teasing it a bit before my reign of terror begins. I don my high heel pumps, stepping on it roughly and preparing to smash it into utter destruction. Listening to the toy get crushed to pieces and feeling the helpless plastic shards under my feet feels intense and amazing.

High heelscrushingfoottoy crushhigh heel crushstompingcrush fetishfeet. Lady B wants to demolish this poor little toy truck. She puts on her favorite black high Vampire fetish clubs philadelphia for the job.

She tramples on the truck with her full body weight to start breaking it down. Then moves on to each individual piece using as much weight as possible and her heels to break things into tiny pieces. She won't stop until that train is in a million pieces on the ground. Marissa got some houses for a model railway from one of her fans - and she put on her sexy Buffalo boots with thin heels to crush them! The little houses are more sturdy than expected and she can literally walk from house to house at first - but when she steps on them with both feet and starts to bounce a little bit they give in quickly and break into thousands of pieces.

In the end there's nothing left but a little plastic waste! Marissa walks into her bedroom wearing sexy high heels to have some fun this tiny slutty-dressed bitch! She kicks her over to the floor and starts to crush the tiny body under her deadly high heels. But she not only wants to crush this little bitch - she Rain coat fetish to torture and humiliate her in any possible way.

She starts by ripping the clothes off, puts out her cigarette on her victim's chest and spits on her body and face. The she really starts to crush the helpless girl - and finally even rips her head off the body.

In the end she sticks her thin heel into the tiny head and walks around - with the head sticking on the tip of her heel! Christin uses her high heels with wedge heels, to destroy an unimpaired DVD- Player.

With her sharp shoes she scratches deep scratches into the Feet fetish nylon sex women trampling of the DVD- Payer. Then she opens the player a couple of times while trampling it.

She cruelly stomps off the drawer and continues destroying the device by brutally stomping and jumping with her shoes the DVD- Player into shatters. In this Full HD video you can see the Mistress crushing soft bread with her pink high heels. In the beginning you see a whole bread on the floor, already cut into slices. The mistress starts digging her solid wooden heels into the bread and twists them, to do more damage to the bread. Next, she stomps the pink high heel all over the bread, squishing it underneath her soles, as if she wanted to crush it into der ground.

Would you like me to crush some biscuits? Well then watch this clip and see how I use my sexy solar yellow high heels to crush a pile of cookies into small crumbs. See and hear how I grind those cookies under the soles of my high heels. Sometimes you can also see how the crumbs still stick under my Evil sexual fetishes shoes.

I will not stop trampling and stomping on the biscuits till those are grind into a powder! Lady B, Christin found a suitcase, which they firstly trample with their bare feet. Now they look inside and happily find an expensive, high quality camera set. Lady B takes a view shots to prove they are working and comes up with a fantastic idea — using the cameras as stilts!

So the two girl put on their metal heels and stilt on the cameras along the rough hard ground. But soon Christin gets sick of it and kicks the cameras back to the car and starts crushing them with her heavy high heels. Lady B amused follows her example! These sexy ladies have decided to have a little fun with some gummy bears. After they arrive in a big old box from the mail, they find out that the company has already layered them into shoes!

Heel crush fetish much the better! They throw on their nylons and step into the shoes with their sweaty feet and crush a gummy pizza. Then they throw some of the bears into their nylons and walk around some more.

They deserve everything that's coming to them. Kim and Claudia get decked out in sexy leather high heels, sexy short black pants and sexy thin black tops, and then bring the stupid glasses outside into the woods for an adventure. They set them up on the table and then have a little fun. They jump and smash and crush until there are Weird fetish porn hor tiny little shards left.

Chanel starts to put pressure on this tiny model train wearing no shoe. She can easily stand on the train with both bare feet - but it isn't crushed under her soft foot soles. She decides to put on her shiny lacquer high heels next and now it's time for some serious crushing.

The sharp heels and hard soles of her sexy shoes easily crush the trains to hundreds of pieces. You want to taste my chocolate? Why do you believe you are allowed to do so? This would be a really big pleasure and an honor for you! But today I am really nice and so I let you eat the chocolate - but wait a little bit so I can improve the taste!

I throw the chocolate to the ground and spit on it. I crush it with my sexy white high heels - that looks tasty now, doesn't it?

This sexy mistress is wearing a pair of black Tommy Hilfiger high heels with a pair of blue jeans. She walks Dutch fetish tube to a pile of apples on the floor and uses the sharp spikes of her high heels and smashes the apples with it to fall apart.

She does not stop until they are completely smashed and nothing but applesauce and her sexy black heels are covered in smashed pieces of apples.

Sexy Giantess Deeane crushes these peanuts on the floor with the full weight of her black heels crushing them into paste on the wooden floor. She wants you to imagine these are your nuts getting crushed and stomped by her hard leather heels.

Just imagine the pain you'll feel if your nuts are placed under the hot giantess feet getting crushed into oblivion with the full weight of the hot redhead. Jenna and Cassidy are really looking great in their black dresses and matching high heels. They put some chocolate eggs on a glass plate and want to crush them using their sexy shoes. One egg after another gets crushed under their foot pressure and both girl enjoy the crushing. In the end they show you the dirty soles of their high heels and ask if you'd like to lick the chocolate from their shoe soles - well, would you?

This redhead put on her platform high heel shoes to crush these 2 bananas. You can hear the hard sole and thin heels hit the hardwood floor when she enters and she instantly starts to crush the soft fruits underneath. Later she takes off her shoes and walks in the banana mash with her bare feet. Her foot soles and toes are completely covered with banana mash in the Serious pantyhose fetish she. This hot woman's wearing a pair of pink high heels and wants to use these sexy shoes to crush and rip apart the teddy.

She starts by walking over it multiple times, but then proceeds by digging the sharp heels of Heel crush fetish shoes into the teddy. In the end it's totally crushed! This sexy ginger girl empties a bag of popcorn on the floor and then starts walking all over it wearing her sexy stilettos. The popcorn gets crushed under the hard sole of her beautiful shoes and she even grinds her foot on it to make sure it's completely flattened!

This is Claudia's first crush video ever and she's quite exited to use her sexy high heels to crush this large toy car. First she gently steps on top and the car's roof collapses immediately. But Claudia won't stop here - she walks over the remains again and again until everything's crushed into tiny little pieces! This girl had a really shitty day and when her phone's not working correctly once again she gets angry, throws it on the ground and stomps it under her boots.

The sharp heels and hard soles cause instant damage on the phone and the display breaks easily - but she doesn't stop there! Chanel walks into the kitchen wearing her high heel shoes and doesn't notice the tiny cheese blocks on the floor. She just walks around and crushes them without noticing. She doesn't feel the soft cheese which is immediately crushed under the hard soles of her shoes and the weight of her sexy petite body!

Big lady Asphysiation breath play fetish wants to crush this old phone. She's wearing a pantyhose and open high heels and starts by walking over the phone slowly. But even under her massive weight it won't break this way so she steps up with both feet and her full weight and crushes the small cell phone underneath.

In the end she just put the phone into her shoe right under the heel of her foot and walks around a little bit! Sexy Swetlana put on her platform high heels and uses then to crush a bunch of chocolate marshmallows!

The soft sweets can't take her weight for a split-second and are crushed instantly each time she applies a little pressure to Stuffing feeder fetish. In the end the soles of her sexy black high heels are completely covered with crushed chocolate and cream! Lady Gold's preparing a tasty meal for you. She drops all kinds of food on the floor and starts walking all over it wearing her sexy high heels.

To make it even more tasty she spits on the crushed food before she takes her shoes Sleep fuck fetish and continues to walk all over it.

#3 Coin insertion fetish

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Coin insertion fetish

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#4 My space keds fetish

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My space keds fetish

If you are offended by the topic of masturbation and of pictures of male genitals do not read further. Sneaker-Planet is the premier, largest, and longest running Sneaker-Fetish site in the world. Photographs from this site that appear in the manual are used with permission of the owner. What's the use of having a fetish if you can't masturbate to it? If you have a Keds fetish, you are particularly fortunate. What could be more symbolic than something that is uniquely identified Fetish forum spank women and girls, but is made of rubber?

When talking about women and girls, "Keds" was synonymous with "sneakers. Since my fetish is derived from a parallel rubber fetish, this guide discusses using the rubber parts of the sneaker for masturbation. If you are a fetishist who gets off on the insole or canvas, and wish to co-author a guide that includes this part of the fetish, contact me.

Although my other fetish is for female domination, the techniques described here can be done by anyone and, with the exception of one technique, can even be done solo. Sneakers come in many styles. The original sneaker of choice was Keds and Keds-like knockoffs.

These sneakers had one type of sole: On the other hand there are new sole types that seem to have been invented with masturbation in mind. In this manual, I use several terms such as outsole, inner outsole and working rubber. The illustration below shows what I mean by these terms. The soles of older sneakers not worn for a while suffer from oxidation that also puts a glaze on them. For this reason, sneakers need to be worn from time to time to wear away this glaze and expose fresh rubber.

Wear also changes the molding on a sneaker. Every woman has a distinct walk. She will wear down her soles in different places than other women. Where she wears her sneakers is also important.

Sneakers worn on concrete wear differently than sneakers worn indoors, on grass, dirt or on the beach on sand. So, even though every woman starts out with the same kind of sneaker, by the time she's worn them for even a little bit, they are as different as the women themselves.

Masturbation, even with the same pair of sneakers worn by the same woman, changes throughout the sneakers' life. There really isn't a quantifiable classification scheme for evaluating molding and texture.

Even if it were possible, it would be a futile work. Even the standard, the Keds Champion, changes its soles every couple of years. Shoe manufacturers do not make sneakers with masturbation in mind.

The molding of the sole is intended to provide traction as the woman walks while she is wearing her sneakers. What works well for traction, generally doesn't work well for masturbation.

The bottom line is that if it's relatively flat, it's probably usable. Unless the sole is made of completely flat, hard rubber, lubrication is essential. If there is any friction or even a moderate amount of molding you will rub your man raw while attempting to get him off. The amount of lubrication needed depends on the type of masturbation chosen. Each technique has a different penis-to-rubber contact. The best lubrication, of course, is pre-cum. If you need a substitute to get started, common saliva works great.

Spit on the soles of the sneaker and spread it on the penis or vice versa. There is no need for special lubricants like K-Y jelly or other store-bought products. The following methods are a result of nearly 50 years of field testing.

The method you choose depends upon your personal preference, the kind of sneakers you have, the condition of the working rubber, and of course, your mood. The Lazy Woman Method is the least interactive of the sneakering methods. It is so named because all the woman needs to do is sit back and watch. The Lazy Woman Method is the easiest method of sneakering to learn.

This method works with a wide range of moldings and texturing so it can be used with relatively new sneakers. I will describe the "right handed" method -- so called because the masturbator lays on his right side. Reverse everything if your man's penis leans the other way.

The nice thing about this method is that the man has both hands free to be able to read a book or look at pictures. You too, have both hands free Women with pantylines fetish do whatever you want to do.

Having his hands free is an option, but tying them up will make it more difficult for him to maintain proper position. While he is on the floor, you can have him do other things such as lick your feet, kiss another pair of your sneakers or do whatever your imagination can dream as you sit and watch.

The sneaker book method is the first of the interactive methods. You hold the sneakers in the proper position and the man does most of the work. It is the closest thing you will ever see to a penis cumming on its own. Shown here are several shots of this technique using the solo method. If it were done by a woman, her thumbs would be right about mid-sneaker on the inner outsole.

The heels of her sneakers should be in her palms. The total control method, as the name implies, puts the total control of the ejaculation in the hands of the person controlling the sneakers. This is also one of the easiest and exciting variations of sneakering. You can use almost any kind of sneaker. It's almost foolproof, and even the most inexperienced woman can learn it in a matter of minutes.

Of the methods described, there is one that absolutely requires a partner. Mule discovered this method on her own when I first told her about my sneaker fetish.

To her it was obvious. I never thought of it myself. The excitement of this method comes from the fact that you are actually wearing your sneakers while doing it, and are masturbating him with your feet. This method takes the most practice and is probably the most sensitive to the condition of the rubber.

You will have to work out these variables through trail and error. Some variations to this method are: You on the bed, him on the floor with his legs under the bed.

You in an easy chair with your legs up, him kneeling before you. This was the original version that Mrs. Mule discovered as I was naked before her giving her a leg massage.

However challenging this Female throat fetish may seem, it's well worth it. It takes virtually no energy at all on your part, and best of all you'll have him literally coming at your feet! Leagal Notices and Such Warning: Introduction What's the use of having a fetish if you can't masturbate to it? Keds are everyday objects and although they are not as popular as they once were, you still see women wearing them everywhere.

Even if you are a male living alone, you could: This part Foot fetish video streams known as "the working rubber" and it is where most of the masturbational methods occur.

This is the part of the sneaker that is rubbed against the penis or vice versa. There are two other terms that I use. They are easy to buy and are relatively cheap as compared to other fetish gear.

Sometimes hosing them off and sun drying them is enough. Styles of Sneakers Sneakers come in many styles. Know Your Sneakers In this manual, I use several terms such as outsole, inner outsole and working rubber.

Texture and Molding There are two other terms that I use. Texture is inherent to the rubber itself. Some rubbers are harder than others and have a smoother surface. Gummy rubbers tend to grab and tickle the penis more. Molding is how the manufacturer chooses to mold the rubber into a My space keds fetish design. This can include anything from a simple crepe or pebble design to elaborate patterns of zig-zags, circles or waffle designs. Generally speaking, the simpler the molding, the more suitable for masturbation the sneaker Free high defenition foot fetish. The Methods The following methods are a result of nearly 50 years of field testing.

The Lazy Woman Method.

#5 Mango rubber fetish

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Mango rubber fetish

Errr, no we hadn't, and neither it seemed had anyone else. We were then treated to a look of mild concern before being shown to one of the many empty tables.

Why do some places feel obliged to go through this ridiculous pretence that they are oh so busy when they aren't? This place just isn't anywhere near as good as it thinks it is. It has a really ersatz feel and would not be out of place in a station or airport concourse. Food was cheap but average to poor, with an overall theme of rubberiness: A pallid, rubbery Bombay omelette would not have been out of place as part of a macdonalds breakfast.

The chai was nice though. The room was chilly too, heaven knows what it was like last week in the really cold weather. We won't be rushing back. An unusual selection of delicious food is on offer. Great bhel puri and chilli cheese toast, there wasn't a dish we didn't enjoy- I'd have liked the naan to be a bit more doughy, but that's just personal preference. Great location and buzzy yet relaxing atmosphere.

Loved the chai and particularly the chocolate chai. The only thing I was less keen on was the waiter, who was unsmiling, inefficient and unwelcoming. Visit Dishoon regularly when in London.

Great food in a modern fun place to eat. Good for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Would recommend the Gunpowder potatoes.

The restaurant itself is very chic in feel, it would appear that they tried very hard in creating a very modern and metro feeling ambience. The basement floor is cramp and atmospheric, the bar is nice and the drinks are expensive. The food is very good with a special mention to their grilled meat, very tasty and succulent indeed. Their Lentil and Mango Lassi was very very good. Not much else to add except that it is pretty good all round, but in terms of experience it left me a little cold, I did like the Lighting decor at the tables however Best Indian so far in London Visiting from Canada.

Waiter was friendly and efficient, food came fast, and it was delicious. Cool decor as well. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.

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Restaurant details Dining options: Lunch, After-hours, Breakfast, Dinner, Reservations. The original Bombay cafes have almost all disappeared. Their faded elegance welcomed all: Bentwood chairs were reflected in stained mirrors, next to sepia family portraits. Writers found their characters. Opened early last century by Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran, there were almost four hundred cafes at their peak in the s.

Now, fewer than thirty remain. Their loss is much mourned by Bombayites. Reviewed 26 January via mobile. Write a Review Show reviews that mention. All reviews chai chicken ruby black daal naan gunpowder potatoes bhel spicy lamb chops biryani okra calamari mango indian food visited dishoom bombay cafe worth the wait covent garden mint tea. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews.

Read reviews in English Go back. Reviewed 25 January Dishoom Shoreditch- refreshingly different. Reviewed 24 January Great Place for Dinner. Nice if a little fussy. Ask Scallophunters about Dishoom Covent Garden. Reviewed 23 January via mobile. Ask airwreck about Dishoom Covent Garden. This review is the subjective opinion of an individual traveller and not of TripAdvisor LLC nor of its partners. Travellers who viewed Dishoom Covent Garden also viewed.

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