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Physics fetish clothing by

It's been a busy spring. Among other highlights, the Spousal Unit and I made a whirlwind trip to New York City in March, so he could be on some obscure cable talk show or something.

But we had the added treat of getting to see an excerpt from the modern opera, Hypermusic Prologuefeaturing a libretto penned by none other than Harvard physicist Lisa Femdom lesbian fetish. Physics-inspired operas are rare enough; taking over part of the Guggenheim for the evening is even rarer. Afterward, the Spousal Unit was pondering his ideal collaborator should he undertake a similar project. He decided he'd like to do more of a "rock opera," collaborating with Lady Gaga.

So I'm just Shit latex smelly fetish that thought out there into the ether, on the off-chance Lady Gaga is intrigued by the notion of a rock opera on entropy, the big bang, the arrow of time, and the multiverse, and decides to give the Spousal Unit a call.

I'm sure MoMA would be interested if the Guggenheim passed on the opportunity. I Frogwoman pictures fetish, the outfits alone would qualify as works of art, and Gaga is Maternal fetish stories much performance artist as musician.

Everything she does is calculated to make an impression -- right down to her aversion to wearing pants of any kind. It's Buttock injection fetish about everything altogether — performance art, pop performance art, fashion," Gaga once told MTV News.

I want to bring that back. Oh, yes, I am a Gaga fan, and I know Jen-Luc Piquant totally hangs around backstage at Gaga's YouTube channel in hopes of catching a brief glimpse of her idol -- or at least the pixelated version thereof. But it wasn't always the case. Gaga has had a meteoric rise, and I confess that I'd really only caught snippets of "Let's Dance" and "Poker Face" as they were racing up the dance charts, augmented by her increasingly frequent appearances in celebrity gossip columns.

These days, Gaga is everywhere, and "Poker Face" is one of the most parodied tunes on YouTube, but it was the release of her video of "Bad Romance" that turned me into a fan along with millions of others. Not only is it a killer song you can't help but dance to, but the performance is fierce, intense, sexy, visually innovative, and just a wee bit sneakily subversive. She's a free bitch, baby.

And she's only 24, and getting better and better musically unlike certain other pop icons who shall not be named, Gaga can actually sing and play the piano very well. Science could use an image makeover from a true master of performance like Lady Gaga, who literally invented her persona from scratch and then demanded the world pay attention to her.

I think the Spousal Unit is onto something. Bring back the super-fans of science! And use the tools of mass media and marketing -- music, fashion, performance art, and story-telling -- to do it. Especially fashion, because science and technology are definitely influencing fashion these days, in ways that should fit neatly into Her Ladyship's artistic vision via the Haus of Gaga.

She already made a splash this past February by debuting her version of a shape-shifting "living dress" inspired by the designs of fashion icon Hussein Chalayana self-described techno-geek who tries to bring together technology, science culture, and fashion in some really intriguing ways. Chalayan's work was all the rage in Paris during the fall ofwhen he debuted his "One Hundred Eleven" collection, with nods to years of fashion in just five dresses that used technology to morph from, say, an look to something more common inand finally into a Roaring 20s flapper sheath.

The Hour-Glass Dress morphs from a style reminiscent of Dior in the s to a s metallic sheath, and the grand finale during the Paris show featured a dress that disappeared entirely into a wide-brimmed hat, leaving the model pretty much naked on the runway see video below. Chalayan has remained at the top of the field ever since with increasingly outre designs; his style is perfect for Lady Gaga -- and for the Spousal Unit's rock opera concept -- because it's the haute Leather slut fetish version of wearable electronics, designed in collaboration with a company called 2D3D.

We made, for want of a better term, little bum pads for the models. So on their buttocks were some hard containers, and within these containers we had all the battery packs, controlling chips--the microcontrollers and microswitches--and little geared motors. The motors we used were tiny, about a third of the size of a pencil and nine millimeters in diameter. Each of the motors had a little pulley, and the pulley was then attached to this monofilament wire which was fed through hollow tubes sewn into the corset of the dress.

They had 30 or 40 of these little tubes running everywhere, carrying these little cables, each doing its little job, lifting things up or releasing little linked metallic plates. There was a huge amount of stuff going on beneath the clothes. My personal favorite of Chalayan's creations -- particularly when it comes to what we'd need for a cosmology-inspired rock opera -- is his "Big Bang" dress, which debuted during the Paris Fashion Week.

Its another mechanical dress, except this one projects moving spots of light to symbolize the birth of the universe.

A glimpse of the underlying machinery is below, and you can watch a video Raven alt fetish bdsm the dress in action over at Adam Wright's website he collaborated with Chalayan on the dress.

He's also done a series of LED dresses, in which light-emitting diodes are incorporated into the fabric. Really, that's almost as impressive as Meejin Yoon's " Defensible Dress ," which has sensors woven into the fabric that can detect a person who is getting too close, thereby triggering "quills" to pop out and keep the intruder at a safe distance. Oh, but Chalayan didn't stop with morphing outfits and LED dresses; he also put together an architecturally inspired collection in featuring chairs and tables that transformed into wearable at least in theory garments.

When was the last time you saw a tiered wooden skirt that doubled as a table? Chair covers that can turn into dresses? These are all elements that would be perfect for staging the Spousal Unit's hypothetical rock opera. Oxman is getting her PhD in design computation at MIT, and per io9she specializes in "reactive architecture: Her resin floors grow thicker where they need to support more weight; her composite walls rearrange their windows and stress lines based on local weather conditions.

One of her best-known works, a chaise lounge called Beast, can adjust its shape, flexibility and softness to fit each person who sits in it. Oxman incorporates so-called smart materials into her pieces. So does designer Marielle Leenders, who weaves wires containing shape memory alloys like alloys of nickel and titanium into her clothing to create, say, fabrics that contract under heat.

So if you walk outside in a long-sleeved shirt, and it's warmer that perhaps you might expect, there's no need to roll up your own sleeves: No need for all those intricate cables, wires, motors and microcontrollers featured in Chalayan's designs! What, you can't roll up your own sleeves? It can be sprayed onto a Then there's the tantalizing prospect of incorporating glitter-sized solar cells into fabrics to create clothing that produces electricity -- just the thing for charging your iPhone when you're on the go.

That way you can be sure to get those all-important text messages sent by your sensor-lined underwear, alerting you to any unfortunate "accidents" you may experience. The underpants have a disposable element similar to a regular incontinence pad and include a detachable transmitter that relays readings from the pad's sensor strip over a wireless network to a central computer. At least those mechanical dresses would have a built-in power source Ah, but what about more traditional means of ornamenting clothing?

Beading and other kinds of adornment aren't just for clothing anymore; now you can place these Free foot fetish webcam story right onto the skin.

Tattoos are old hat by now, although Gaga sports one quoting Rilke. It's even money that Gaga has already experimented with the new fashion trend of " vajazzling ": In which case, may I suggest the "dermatological embellishments" of Lauren Kalman, featured by Jessica Palmer at Bioephemera? Kalman is a metalsmith and mixed media artist who uses gold acupuncture wires to pierce the skin with mini-baubles in patterns that mimic certain skin diseases: But since Gaga specializes in the gorgeously grotesque, she might like this, from an earlier series called "Hard Wear," in which golden crusts call to mind a heavily blistered mouth: So that's a brief survey of cutting-edge, technology and biology inspired fashion to tempt Lady Gaga into considering a science-themed rock opera.

For my part, I'm more on the grungy end of things; I'd probably want to Fetish xxx tgp with the wild geeks of ArcAttack and their singing Tesla coils. They program the coils to perform electronic covers of tunes like the theme from Dr. Who I'm still waiting for what I'm sure will be a killer version of the theme from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just watching the streaks of electricity emanating from the coils in time to the music is awe-inspiring enough, but these guys also devised a Faraday suit for their performances, enabling one of them the one wearing the suit to actually play with the arcs of electricity and not get electrocuted.

That suit that looks so much like a beekeeper's getup in the video below is actually what's known as a Faraday cage, an enclosure specifically designed to exclude electromagnetic fields. The 19th century British scientist Michael Faraday built the first one in to demonstrate his assertion that the charge on a charged conductor travels along the exterior surface and doesn't influence anything enclosed within it.

It's essentially an application of "Gauss's Law": Faraday's 19th century version was an entire room coated with metal foil; he built it himself. Then he blasted the walls with high-voltage discharges from an electrostatic generator, and used an instrument called an electroscope to prove that no charge was present inside the actual room. As long as there are no gaps in the conductive "path," the electrical current from the lightning will never have much of an impact.

The same thing is true of cars. If you happen to be sitting in a car when lightning strikes Vinyl macs fetish, you'll probably be okay, as long as you don't stick your hand out the window to check and see if it's "still raining.

And for the finale, why not bring in the crack Caltech team -- working with Mindshare Fetish metal bondage, an "idea factory that brings together scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and others to engage in creative brainstorming" -- that helped OK Go design their warehouse-scale, two-story Rube Goldberg device for the video version of "This Too Shall Pass"?

It starts with a toy car pushing against a column of dominoes, and ends with the band being splattered by paint guns.

All those cheering folks at the video's end helped design and build the contraption, using "ideas and materials anyone can come up with at home.

No computers, fancy electronics, or high-tech gimmickry. The machine had to interact with the four musicians and even perform part of their song—an honor that ultimately went to a pulley-controlled whirling guitar whose neck plinks out part of the tune on water glasses.

It had to function flawlessly during a lengthy camera take, like an Olympic figure skater performing a perfect program. It went without saying that the finished product had to be an eye-catching crowd-pleaser. The whole thing was shot in an abandoned warehouse in our neighborhood, Echo Park. Even with so many creative brilliant minds at work, the team needed over 70 takes, done over two solid days and nights of filming. The elaborate device worked perfectly on only three of those takes, one of which became the final video.

To date, it's had over And there you have: For those who remain unconvinced, earlier this year, Improbable Research featured a couple of interesting equations: I'm telling you, it's a sign I recall reading an article asserting that women living in the same house Physics fetish clothing by dorm would end up with synchronized menstrual cycles. I'm thinking that women who blog together must have some universal rhythm too, since I started working on a "lead post" a week ago - well before Lee posted hers yesterday.

Luckily, lead is a dense enough topic that the only overlap between our posts is the Romans. My inspiration wasn't a half-nekkid HughJackman see Lee's postalthough that is an inspirational vision.

I was trying to find out whether L'Oreal sponsored programming on PBS, as I'm looking for a funding source for a program I'd like to do on cosmetics. What came up on Ask. Lead has been a cosmetics component for a very long time.

Pliny the Elder described how to prepare it from metallic lead and vinegar in a paper in a very early edition of JACS. The Volos museum in Greece has power compacts from the end of the 4th Century B.

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Fetish gay leather

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#3 Foot fetish bukkake

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Foot fetish bukkake

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#4 Trying to find my fetish

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Trying to find my fetish

My friend starts to tell me that he is going to tie my wrist and the type of knot it will be. He proceeds to take a piece of rope that looks like paracord and bind my wrists together. He asks if I can get out of them or if the knots are too tight.

He fastens them to the bed and then puts a hood over my head that hides any light from my eyes. I sink into the feeling of anticipation and safety.

I proceed to experience different things that are for some considered fetisheswhich later got me Injection nurse fetish to look at a few.

Some fetishes have made it into pop culture and others may fly under the radar. Some you might just know from porn. Many times people will practice or enjoy multiple fetishes. It can be a fun game to find what switches you on with desire. After that night I am going to play some more to find what my fetishes may be.

But when I find mine they will remain my little secret, maybe. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Can we count on the Wildcat Pantry to keep starving students nourished? Keep your mind active this summer.

Roar against wildcat statue has my vote for student involvement. Five first dates in five days. The importance of traveling. How do you feel about the new Wildcat statue? Four reasons to stop social media stalking. Chico State students give advice on studying before finals week. Find the right fetish for you. Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute Name required Email Address required. Click to cancel reply.

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Baseball cap fetish

Gaybros is a network built for gay men who aren't confined to a media stereotype. We come together around shared interests like sports, technology, and media. Our subscribers have hosted social meet-ups all around the world. Message the moderators to add your event once you have the date and location finalized and a post created for us to link to. Washington DC May 4.

How to host a meet up in your city. If your post fits one of our weekly threads, you may be prompted to post in that stickied weekly thread instead. We are most strict about selfie posts being confined to the Monday thread. Keep in mind you do not need a gay spin on these in order to post. Our currently weekly threads are:. Gotta love articles like this. Gay culture is so self hating BOTH directions. Masculine guys hate feminine guys, feminine guys think masculine guys are just hiding something, and people in the middle hate anyone who isn't in the middle because they obviously are not being themselves.

People just need to shut the fuck up. Be masculine if you want to. Be feminine if you want to. Go after what you want. STOP telling people how they should be.

The crucial truth is that because gay men are still expected by society to be more feminine, we can either surprise people and get that aforementioned superficial, kind of unsavory thrill or we can just do what the fuck ever. Do what the fuck ever. Wear that hat or don't. Perform masculinity through your clothing or don't bother. Whether it's a skin tight shirt or jewelry or a mini skirt or a baseball cap This is a pet peeve of mine.

While I won't judge you for anything you can't change, I will definitely draw assumptions about you based on the way you choose to present yourself to the world. But that's the idea. If you don't like what they're wearing, then you aren't their target audience.

To their target audience, the assumptions that are drawn work in their favour. So the issue is with you. If they're busy attracting their target audience, which doesn't include you, why do you care what they're doing?

Are you feeling excluded? Are you concerned that this person is attracting people away from you? Anyway, that was weird, but not weirder than when we took a shower after and he kept the cap on. Under the water and everything. Those guys in the sauna's are so unattractive to me The cap trick tooootally works on me. So many grindr conversations have gotten awkward after the pic with the cap off comes out.

Speaking of that, what's the proper ettiquette for when you realize the guy isn't as hot as you thought he was after a two hour conversation? Do you just stop replying? Say, "sorry, not interested. Unless you require your friends to be someone you want to hook up with, why not try being so with someone you can obviously have a good conversation with?

Just be clear about it. I am a socially awkward penguin and just sort of stop replying. But, I think etiquette would demand that you do a 'sorry, I don't think I'm interested" or a "sorry, you're not my type".

How does he strike you? Just because I wear a cap some days doesn't imply anything about my personality, masculinity, etc. Also, I've known some fem guys with who wear caps. I would argue the cap did nothing to change their perceived masculinity. I'm sorry but that was dumb as shit. Some guys like to wear hats, some don't. Some find them to add a masculine touch and read too much into it, most dont. I swear as a masc dude I can't dress in anything without a fucking article dissecting the motivation behind every piece of clothing.

This was just so unnecessary imo. That being said, thanks to op because it was definitely and interesting study on the minds of certain gay men and their own personal obsession with the very culture they criticize. Sorry I'm drunk and this was unnecessarily angry sounding. I guess I don't care that much. The thing about men's clothing is that, unlike women's clothing, which is much more wide-ranging and open to creative interpretation and personal expression, men's clothing is basically a visual language of symbols.

Women can wear anything as long as it covers their nipples and vajayjay. Men are restricted to shirts, pants, and jackets; so each specific style carries very specific connotations. For example, the style of jacket you choose to wear on a windy, cold day says a lot about you.

If you wear a black leather motorcycle jacket, you're saying "I'm a badass who likes rock 'n' roll music. The baseball cap is a very specific way of saying "hey, I'm a bro's dude's man's guy. Other times all it says is "this is what was clean this morning," "I wanted to wear a hat today," or "I have a sunburn on the top of my head.

It always says something , even if all it says is "I don't particularly care about fashion so I'm just wearing what's clean and comfortable.

I agree, most guys in baseball caps just like wearing baseball caps and don't read a deeper meaning into it. But some do, and that's what the article was about: Guys love guys in fitted caps.

In my area, that is definitely not the case. If anything, masculine men in the gay community end up getting more shit from other gays than any subgroup group does. One thing that I have noticed in many areas on the internet, in bars, in social circles, … , is that guys with similar dispositions tend to congregate together. It has nothing to do with social stratification and probably everything do with shared interests.

I feel that we, as an intellectual community, have moved past this overly-analytical way of thinking. There is no template. There is no archetype. We, as human beings, are far too complex for that. I didn't even have to look at the screen name to figure out it was you Snyper that wrote this.

Very nice analysis of the article. Don't worry snyper its nice that you're very elaborate, its just that the rest of the world is lazy. You don't have to accomodate for us. A baseball hat is hot, I admit. Especially if they can pull it off backwards.

I don't know what it is. It instantly up their hotness by a couple of points. I've always thought that true masculinity is not in one's appearance or demeanor, but in how they are able to reason logically and purposefully. It's being able to admit to being wrong, to be able to look at someone and tell them the truth, with compassion. Oh, and I wear a Goorin Brothers flat cap whenever I leave the house. It's mainly to keep my scalp from getting a sunburn.

I totally agree with this dude. I like the look of hats backwards and forwards I think they look cool, my straight friends would agree. I wear them because I feel like it. Can you elaborate on how wearing a cap makes you a tool? I thought tool had nothing to do with that.

I love how his search for the definition of masculinity includes "strength, evenness, self-assuredness, vigor, substantial eyebrows, beer, sports, and funk". Any guy with at least three of those things is fly in my book.

Also I have a big butt, I will not lie, my friends won't deny it, and it gets the top guys I want quite sprung. This was something of a turn-on, really. I will admit that I am a big fan of the porn-approved turning of the hat brim from the front to the back to suck cock because I dig ceremony.

I think the question is, "are you trying to impress one person, to fall in love, to be with someone, hook up, whatever I just want one person

Physics fetish clothing by

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