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#1 Sock fetish websites

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Sock fetish websites

When joining footwearclub you will get full access to all pictures and video. The members area is full with sock fetish pics and videos.

Some of the girls also give me a good footjob with their socked feet! You can also find footjobs with pantyhose and even some smelly sneaker footjobs! The main focus is on socks and pantyhose or nylon, but i can also enjoy bare feet. Some student girls are more than willing rubbing me to an orgasm with their soft bare feet! Apply a little massage oil and off we go! Bianca and Jennifer have been friends for a long time.

They go to the gym together Pictures of male cock bulges fetish after a nice workout the sneakers come off.

They both love to sniff each others smelly socks and sneakers. Both girls are very playfull and they like to tease each other with their socked feet. Both girls like to wear thin ankle socks. The thin fabric shows the curves of the foot very well. These kind of socks get smelly very quickly, probably because they are Sock fetish websites thin.

Annette is one of my favourite girls appearing on footwearclub. She is a local student at the university and she allways seems strapped for some cash. She has very sexy small feet and she loves to wear sneakers and socks. She likes to wear worn down socks where the fabric starts to get very thin. Annette is also very into sneakers. She owns a huge collection of different types of sneakers. We like to take pictures outdoors and there are quite a few pictures of her and some of her girlfriends in the membersarea.

She is a sexy lady that knows what she wants and how to get it. She is a very outgoing girl with gorgeous feet. She loves to wear dirty ankle socks and she enjoys to show them off for the whole world to see. Kylie likes to wear boots and sneakers. She has no problem giving her footwear a good sniff once in a while. And when she is in the mood she also likes to lick her socks and sneakers!

I just love to see her sniffing and licking her dirty worn ankle socks. She also gives great sockjobs! There are a good number of pictures and videos featuring Kylie in the membersarea. For questions or membership inquiries you can email me at webmaster 'at' footwearclub. If you want to cancel your membership you can do so at any time with the Customer Support link on the right.

Customer Support 18 U. Only this Joe owns a camera and he's not afraid to use it! I have been photographing local girls footwear for over 20 years and still going strong. All girls have given written permission for publication on this website. Preview from members area When joining footwearclub you High arched feet and fetish get full access to all pictures and video.

Sock sniffing friends Bianca and Jennifer have been friends for a long time. Sneaker sniffing Annette Annette is one of my favourite girls appearing on footwearclub. Contact For questions or membership inquiries you can email me at webmaster 'at' footwearclub. Information Customer Support 18 U.

#2 Men lipstick fetish

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Men lipstick fetish

It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for people of all genders and orientations. Posts that do not follow the posting guidelines in the FAQ will be automatically removed. Achievement posts and updates are not allowed. Feel free to share these in the Sexual Achievement Sunday threads that are provided by the mods.

Fap material is not allowed. This includes sexist and rape jokes. Joking or not, asking for pictures, hitting on people, etc, are not welcome here. Additionally, posts asking for any kind of PMs will be removed. No pictures of genitals are allowed. If you need to post a picture, you should be going to a doctor.

Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. More details on the community rules can be found here. My husband confessed to me that he puts on lipstick and masturbates to his reflection A few days ago I was in the middle of my usual getting ready for the day routine when I noticed an unfamiliar lipstick amongst the rest of my makeup.

It stuck out immediately; I'm not the most organized person, but I know what I own and I knew it wasn't mine. I brought it out to the living room to show my husband, and I asked him if he knew where it came from.

He said he had no idea, at the same time he was sweating bullets and squirming out of his skin. I asked him if he had someone over, but he denied it. I left the house and for the rest of the day thought he had cheated on me, trying to figure out how I was going to handle this. We've been married for only a few months but have been dating for almost five years, and never have I thought for a moment that he would do something like this.

Later that day I told him we needed to talk and he agreed. When we got together he explained to me that the lipstick is his-- he said he bought it for me a few months ago because he has what he calls a "lip fetish" first time he has ever told me thisbut that was too embarrassed to give it to me. One day he put it on himself and looked Tgp movies amputee fetish his lips in a mirror to masturbate to.

He said he never meant for me to find out, and that was always meaning to stop but he hadn't yet. He said that over a four month period he has done it around four times. I'm looking for advice, similar experiences, really anything that might help me understand this better. Other things he has told me: I think what has me the most confused is that he says he has a fetish for bright red lips, but in the entire history of our relationship he has never once made a comment about how he likes it when I wear lipstick, and he doesn't even like kissing me when I wear it because he doesn't want to get it on him.

So I kind of avoid wearing anything too dark or too bold because I never thought he even noticed. A lip fetish is about as PG as it gets, so why did I never know? And is that really the case? He has no issues with telling me how much he loves other parts of my body. Potentially because he was embarrassed about it? And I don't blame him about not wanting to get your lipstick on him - it's messy and you have to wipe it off after someone kisses you with it.

Exactly- he doesn't have an overwhelming desire to kiss me when I'm wearing lipstick. Even if we're at home and just got back from someplace. So if he says he has a lip fetish, specifically lips with lipstick, why doesn't he enjoy kissing me when I wear it?

He wouldn't even have to tell me that he has a fetish, but just do it. I can understand the embarrassment, but he and I are very open about things when it comes to the two of us. If he is embarrassed, I feel it's because the fetish has something to do with him wearing lipstick.

Bearing in mind that I can only speculate and that these are all questions you need to be asking him and not people on the internet Just because he has a fetish for lipstick-coated Anal fetish clips doesn't mean he has to enjoy kissing said lips, just like not all foot fetish folks enjoy having feet shoved in their face.

He and I have been talking about it, and I've asked him these questions and more. I'm looking for advice from other people, hence the reason I posted here.

I was just bouncing off of you, looking to have a conversation. Not very nice for you to declare that I'm over-anaylzing when I'm just trying to get some perspective. I don't think code-sloth was intending to be "not nice". I think what she is trying to say is that the fetish is probably about the sight of bright red lipstick on you as opposed to wanting to kiss those bright red lips. And kissing lips with lipstick is typically unpleasant.

I'm not sure if you're over-analyzing but it sounds like you may still have some fear of cheating? But it really is a harmless kink. If you want to indulge him and get kissed at the same time then maybe try what I used to do: I would use a dark or bright red lip pencil and line, color, and blend my lips, then put my finger in my mouth and pull it out keeps lip color off your teeththen pat my lips many times with a tissue to remove any excess.

Then use lip balm. Then you get these beautifully stained lips that stay like that for hours and the color doesn't get on everything. And it's much more pleasant feel on your lips. Whoa - don't be so prickly. Saying someone is over analysing is in no way an insult. You're obviously upset right now which is understandable, you've had a bit of a shock.

I use the liquid one whenever I want to go to town with bright red lips. Of course it comes off if you get too crazy but it just kinda gradually flakes off instead of smearing anywhere and it won't come off on him when you kiss him. I don't think he's cheating on you. This is way too weird to be an excuse. Better than being cheated on and pretty inconsequential, I'd say all Tampa fetish store catsuit good.

I can totally understand how this is puzzling for you. But the reality is that lots of fantasies and links don't make a lot of sense. Cross dressing is a really common heterosexual kink. I think it's really important that you not let him shame himself for this. And it might be that he's actually not into cross dressing, just the lipstick or makeup.

I'm a guy, and at one point I would occasionally wear my, at the time girlfriend's panties. It wasn't anything I thought up. It was just I would see her wearing them all the time. It turned me on. I associated arousal with the sight and feel of panties and I'd wear them occasionally to masturbate or during sex. Sometimes I'd feel weird about it and eventually I just kind of got past it. I guess the novelty wore off or whatever.

But yeah, he was probably just curious and felt embarassed or ashamed. He might not have even known himself if it Fetish photos assholes on him or he was actually feeling. And Ninn worx fetish circus he hid it, not because he was trying to hide it from you, but that he didn't even know his own feelings and he wanted to see what would happen by himself.

Whoever said "guys do weird shit sometimes" nailed it. I'd talk to him and see if he wants to play around with it a little. Wife caught me jerkin to watersports porn once I think this is pretty close to a humiliation fetish and he doesn't want to disclose that to you, so he is explaining it away as something else. He may be into humiliation play - masculine man being forced to dress as a woman, wear make up, lingerie etc. A lot of men who are in powerful positions at work like to Men lipstick fetish by fantasizing about being powerless.

Could be a fun thing for the two of you to explore. Quite harmless and a chance for some roleplaying that you might enjoy. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Sure it might be strange, but it seems pretty harmless. You're really over-analyzing this.

Check out this article when sexpertslounge.

#3 Belly fetish sausage banana

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Belly fetish sausage banana

Fried Pork - Kaci. New Dance - karamella. Playing around with this cold glass feels hot on my belly and makes some pretty interesting noises. A huge plate of my favorite foods. Ham, corn and taters. All so yummy and fattening with extra butter. I eat until I can move and then I have to lie down and rub my belly who is looking bigger and rounder than ever. Bustythickness Jiggling my fat belly. Back to Back - Tina.

Angelina all over body lotion. Angelina has really gained some weight since she started on S31! And of course Angelinal ikes her soft new flesh and her cute skin as well. She of course has to avoid stretchmarks being a result of her bigger body! So in this vid you see Angelina rubbing lotion over all parts of her body. See her grabbing her belly rolls, her big yummy booty and the rest of her awesome shape!!! Ready for a sexy,hot stripping with May?

Angelina All over body lotion rub. See her grabbing her belly rolls, her big yummy booty and the rest of her awesome shape! Bobbi In Pink Tight Dress. Aaliyah St Patty Day.

Mari Late Chinese LM. Here is a short video of me finishing my dinner and rubing my full belly. Is sooo big at the end of the day! It's me modeling in my favorite pink outfit. I wish I could still where it out. DO you think people will stare? Also, my boobs have gone up a size! I swear they feel larger than that though. Maybe they went up again? I love my boobs. Check out my new sets and videos if you can handle it ; I finished my requests and am awaiting more xxx. Where does it hurt, tell me?

Oh I think I need to operate on you. Tell me all, I can heal you ;. I've just brought and eaten a meal for 2 chinese from our local fast food takeaway. It was sooo delicious and now I'm so stuffed I can hardly move or talk. Watch me tenderly rub and grope my fat, hard stomach, whilst groaning satisfyingly. After drinking a little milk I let out the longest, loudest burp I've ever done: Think maybe later I'll have room for dessert hehe.

This is the result of me eating way too much and way too quickly. I have hiccups like crazy and it's my own fault for being such a pig. They are extremely loud and gurgly. I hope evryone enjoys me suffering because of my greed ;. Here in this request you can see Honney taking her first bellydancing class with the Carol teacher. Its very funny to watch this.

Honney Lady in Red. Honney Honney 12 Days Contest Contest day two here. Take a look and see me stuffing with lots of hot. Day 3 of contest and keep gaining. Now i have bacon to start, a big piece of tart and and lots of bananas.

I think that you will want to see this ;D. Today, day five, im stuffing my belly so much with sweet breads, cakes and ice cream. Im sure that you will want to see all this. Take a look ;D.

Do you like to eat bread? What about some sausage? Well i love both, imagine how freaky i ate the sausage breads. Ow well, you don't need to imagine. Carlye Shake and Giant Donuts.

Carlye First Set Pizza. My name is Carlye. Inew here and i eat as you never saw!!! Watch my videos and you understand what i mean. Pippi Tiny Little Skirt. I was planing a picnic for my breakfast but it is raining outside.

So I decided to stay in and feed myself a huge meal instead. Title 18 U. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. All clips sold are to be viewed by the purchaser only and are not to be shared, traded or posted for others to download. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All models on this site are 18 or older. Stuffer31 Total Clips Bustythickness beer hiccups 2. Queen cookies snacking gone wlid 4.

Bashabasha outgrown and some snack. Rubbing and shaking while eating cake dough Category: Watch her eat a lot Category: Dancing and showing off my growing belly after an all day stuffing Category: Playing around with this cold glass feels hot on my belly and makes some pretty interesting noises Category: Back 2 back set of her belly button.

Enjoy watching 2 videos together Category: See me eat fattening bacon on my underware while I rub my big belly Category: Being fed oreo cookies by a mystery hand Category: Enjoy me with my hot tub sipping with a warm water and pizza! Weight gain shake chugging video from me. Help me get fatter faster! Very sexy dance move from me. Posting very a very sexy outfit Category: Posting in blue outfits Category: Fun belly play with Lianne Category: Who would have thought that eating banana can be this sexy.

What do you do on weekend? This is how I spend my weekend. Showing off my belly and curves and a very sexy way. Come and see it with your own eyes ; xoxo Category: A new belly play video from me. It's a water sloshing in belly one. Hope you like it!

#4 German fetish video sites gaping

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German fetish video sites gaping

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Blonde Dildo Fisting Gaping Teen. Anal Black Dick Gaping.

#5 Crush fetish model

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Crush fetish model

All huge femdomfoot sites with updates at least once a week: Smash my Phone Cell phone crush site. Let our people take care of your cell phone. We will smash your phone into pieces, this is our commitment to service. Clair The exclusive home of Abby St. FemDom Streams Full length femdom movies! Mistress Jennifer, or 'MJ' as she goes by, is 39, 5'4", lb. She weight trains days a week and has a fit, yet feminine figure curvy and toned. Bitch Beauty Enter the domain of the world's most addicting bitch.

The Crush Fetish Gallery The nets largest collection of crush fetish pictures!!! The Temple An exclusive world-wide femdom sanctuary. Joanne Lafontaine Hard female domination, facesitting, smothering, footdomination, footfetish, footsmother, trampling, classic domination, human furniture, breathcontrol, roleplay, spitting, spanking Visit my website and enjoy a real session!

Feet Dreamer Your favourite fetish site! Pantyhose Supremacy A spectacle of pantyhose worship and female domination awaits you here. We bring you original and exclusive pictures and movies for genuine pantyhose fetish fans! Conceived by real life pantyhose fanatics and shot with actual submissives, the action is always intense. Corporal Video The ultimate corporal punishment experience online! The real meaning of BDSM.

Femdom Central I like men who know their place licking my boots. Over my knees for an ass beating. Tied nice and tight. In pain and begging for mercy. Flip Flop City Pumping, crushing, high heels. All playful girls wearing flip flops.

In Femdom Femdom, foot fetish, spanking, strapon, lezDom, dominas, mistress, humiliation, spanking, punishment, hot wax, whipping, dildos and much more! Femdom Temple An exclusive world-wide femdom sanctuary. Smother me Now Ass worship and facesitting. Boyz Erotic ponyboy training by gorgeous mistresses. Norewegian Boots You will find al kind's of boots, buffalo, socks and toes on this site! This is a fetish site with fetish in boots, shoes, trampling, buffalos and so on.

Humiliatrix Where chicks rule and dorks drool. Meet Melissa's sadistic sorority sisters. X Foot The ultimate online collection of exclusive foot fetish videos and photos. Sweet feet, long legs and sexy high heels. Trample Footdom Trampling and foot domination pictures and movies. Femdom Abuse Whips, chains, handcuffs, ropes. Mistresses tortures your every limb. Pro Domination Professionals of domination.

Harsh Heels Lick the boot that crushes you! X Dominatrix The art of real discipline and domination. Listen, serve and obey, you useless slave! Femdom Time The site is based on exclusive content with Europe's leading mistresses. All the domination types are presented here! Foot Fantasy Party ou came here for some raw, hardcore foot fetish action pics Real life foot worship action Shoulder Riding Supporting the full weight of naked mistresses.

Fetish Planet The complete collection. Every fetish you could possibly imagine. Boot Slaves Slave boys and slave girls suffering at the boots of their cruel mistresses. One day, my dominating desires awoke inside me in At first, my skills were amateur until I took the time study Psychology and became an apprentice to a professional Mistress.

In those two years, she taught me many things about domination and submission. I began my life as a professional Dominatrix in Dominaline Our site offers unique videos of female domination we did for ourselves and now decided to share them with others. They're absolutely unique and natural since we never thought of publishing them and did them exclusively for our pleasures. We just allowed our girls to do everything they want with us and other guys and videotaped the action.

Under Her Boots From my mother I definitely got the shoe fetish. I only saw her in her high heeled shoes and somehow the sound of her heels on the marble pavement of our villa moved something in me. Russian Mistress Cruel dominant russian mistresses. Hours of video clips. Kinky Kicks Hard amateur ball busting. Huge site all femdom. These girls just love feet and love to have guys at their feet. Whether you are into the softer side of the foot fetish or into foot domination we have thousands of pictures and movies guaranteed to satisfy your foot fetish needs.

BBW Trampling Real full weight trampling. Mistress Whiplash English dominatrix bitch. I have many years experience as a dominatrix and it's something I genuinely enjoy! I love the feeling of power over men! Femdom Draw Goddesses of beauty - mistresses of man's dreams. Goddess Kicks Hardcore Spanish ballbusting site with gorgeous, amateur women.

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Femdom Chronicals Femdom comics and stories illustrated by artworks. Princess Kali I am Princess Kali. Welcome to My Queendom slave boys, worms, pets and sluts. Mistress D Strix This site is packed with over images and many hours of video action with real slaves, it has been described by many as awesome! Roman Video The home of smothering and facesitting videos.

Trampling Bitch Thousands of exclusive trampling videos presented by foot goddess Miss Brittany Andrews. OWK - The other world kingdom The private state of supreme women. All characters are real woe are not fiction we are reality! Awesome Footdom Footfemdom movie clips. Trampling, boot and shoe cleaning with tongue Feet Slave Foot domination with slave boys and girls.

Fetish Wolrd Beautiful models with her sexy shoes and feet. Trample Me Now Brutal trampling photos and videos. Foot Shots Foot and leg fetish site. Over exclusive Photos and more than 4h of videos-clips! Foot Babes Foot worship, toe sucking, footjobs and lots more. Czech Feet The best foot fetish site with amateurs straight from the heart of Europe! Pony Boyz Ponyboys, ponyboy, human pony, ponyboy domination, human horse.

Under Feet Pro Russian mistresses with a speciality in foot domination. They are extremely good at their job! Yes Mistress Male slaves, fem subs, pony girls and T-girls.

Sock fetish websites

Socks porn : Many advantages

Promoting Trust in the Fetish Community Since I am bi-sexual with an incredibly high sex drive , I masturbate in my used panties on a daily basis. Even multiple times a day. I'm size 12 and 5'8 tall. I'm a natural red head but love to be experimental with my hair colour and so I'm currently a purple head! Do you have a used panty fetish?

We operate a member-owned advocacy and verification organization where we independently verify every member we promote, we assist them with marketing and share our combined years of experience in the personal fetish business. Buyers of fetish items will find our directory of independent verified fetish sellers to be authentic fetish enthusiasts, as well as reliable and dependable businesswomen. When buying fetish items at Panty Trust, you can rest assured that our verified used panty sellers have all been vetted and are regularly evaluated to the highest degree of professionalism, we also offer buyers support and mediation services that are unparalleled in the fetish industry.

We love the adult fetish community, which is why we volunteer our time and energy maintaining this community and providing our unique suite of services.

We want our buyers to feel confident about their purchases and we want our sellers to be truly engaged members of the fetish community. Subscribe by Email for updates. What is the difference between Reddit verification and yours? Reddit mimics our own verification process, but they lack of our 16 years experience so their verification results have been questioned by Getting more in touch with kinks is much more fun in a supportive community.

Panty Trust is a panty fetish website dedicated to News Contact Us Member Area. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Sarah Jane Written by Sarah Jane.

My own kinks and quirks include anal play, femdom, findom, pegging, and water sports: Sunny Written by Sunny. Robyn Written by Robyn. Poppy Parker Written by Poppy Parker.

Welcome Buy and sell fetish items with no commission. Naughty school girl pics. I love summer and the nicer weather has made me feeling like treating my panty lovers to a special offer. This special offer is good through July and includes all of my available thongs and g-strings. All of my panties come with 24…. Spring is in the air where I am and I feel like rewarding my lovely loyal followers.

So, for the entirety of May you can choose any four pairs of panties and send me a gift for…. Until 9th April I will be…. And for the next four weeks I will be offering a….

So when I discovered panty selling, I was immediately intrigued. I mean, what else was I doing with my old panties i no longer wanted? I was throwing them out! Last Fall I was on the treadmill reading a Cosmopolitan articles when I saw an article on selling used panties and the woman being interviewed was talking about how much money this fetish was paying her.

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